Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dou Dou

Woo Hoo!!We have finally heard something about Sophie. No new pictures, but that's okay. It has been over 6 months since we were first matched with her and have heard nothing about her since then. That is a long time! Our update says that she is doing very well. Her nannies have given her a nickname. They call her Dou Dou. Many times the children are called their first name twice. Ella's name is Fu Li She. "She" is her first name and the nannies called her She She. (Pronounced like the beginning of the word should). I was surprised to see Sophie's nickname. Her Chinese name is Shao Fuwang. Fuwang being her first name. I have learned that they call her Dou Dou which means "sweet pea" and this nickname is "a very cute and popular nickname only for the lovely girl". The nannies think she is a "very lovely girl, so they love her very much and play with her a lot". They are showing her our pictures, too! I have used their wording. Lovely in China generally refers to sweet. I pray everyday for Sophie's nannies to love her and meet her emotional needs as well as her physical needs. Thank-you Jesus!


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Robin said...

Oh what wonderful news! I have tears in my eyes. Hopefully Sophie will be home soon!

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