Thursday, May 24, 2007


Thanks to everyone for your concern and caring about our dog Katie! I had to stop updating about that on Sophie's website, because it was getting a bit depressing. Katie is doing great now as you can see in the photos. The surgery that she had for her leg amputation did not go as it should have and she ended up having to go back for a second surgery the week after her first one to close of a bleeding vessel. She came about as close to dying as one possibly can after the second surgery because of losing so much blood. The vet said her blood count which should have been up around 48 to 50 had dropped down to a 2. He had went in to check on her in the middle of the night. He had already given her all of the blood that he had in his clinic, so he drove in the middle of the night to an emergency clinic and picked up more blood to give her another transfusion. It worked and he definitely saved her life. After all was said and done and the lab was able to really do a thorough biopsy of the cancerous leg...the vet told us to "go home and enjoy our dog - she won't be with us much longer". That was about 2 months ago and she is doing great! So, we don't really know, but we are enjoying her and loving her. She is doing fine with only 3 legs! She runs around the yard and keeps up with us just fine. She has a bit of a strugle getting up stairs and getting up from a down position...but she still does these things. And she is still right by Ella's side when it is food time!


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