Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gray Hair

Sorry I haven't posted lately. My packing and organizing have gone into full motion this last week! I have packing piles and lists all over. I don't want to save everything until the last minute as I will be working(at my paid job) right up until we leave.

So, as you will see in the pictures above...Ryan has been doing a lot of skateboarding lately. And all of you who know and love Ryan know that he does everything to the extreme. So, after seeing pictures like this(his friends take them) and with Chelsea just getting her driver's hair is needing colored a lot more frequently with all of the gray hair they are causing me. LOL!
One of the photos he is with Terry Kennedy....a very well known(celebrity) skater. Ryan said he is awesome and really, really nice. He was in the area recently to do a demo.



Margot said...

Ryan and Michelle, those are awesome pictures. It's great to see what you're both up to. I totally understand the greay hair!! Aron often skateboards to work as we have a lot of hills in Swansea. I can't wait to show him the site now that I've found it- he'll love these. Margot

Margot said...

Ryan and Michelle, those are awsome pictures!! It's great to see you in action. I can't wait to show Aron- he's got some pics like those too.

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