Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Thank-you, Jesus!!!
I know all of these adoption acronyms can be confusing if you have not adopted! The LOA is fairly new to the process...an added step. It stands for Letter of Acceptance. The CCAA in China sends it out after they have reviewed your paperwork and you have to check "yes" that you accept the child and then sign it and send it back to China. The TA(travel approval) generally comes about a month later and then we can leave. Progress!!



Robin said...

YAHOOOOOOOOOO! I'm so happy for you!!!!

St. Louis

Donna Geer said...

Woooo Whoooo!!!!! Sophie.........they are coming for ya!! So you may be traveling in August????????????? Wow! You guys are amazing.
Here's wishing you travel blessing. Wish we were your traveling buddies again!

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