Thursday, July 12, 2007

Seeing Double

We are patiently (although not always so patient) still waiting for our TA - travel approval. We have lots of doubles...2 carseats, a double stroller, 2 toddler beds, cute little matching summer dresses that I fouund on clearance. We just need Sophie!

Here's a cute Ella story. She likes to tell everyone we meet during the course of the day - that "we are packing our suitcases and going to fly on an airplane to China to go bring Sophie home". She is a pretty social little one! Although her speech is quite clear these days, I don't think strangers are fully getting her story. I guess it is not the most typical conversation that many 2 year olds would be having. They always look at me after she is done sharing her story. Sometimes I fill them in...other times I just smile and we go on our way.
Now, we have a DVD called Big Bird Goes to China. It is the story of Big Bird and friends making their way to the Great Wall. Ella has asked us if we will be going there while in China and we have told her that we will. She recently wanted to know if Big Bird would also be there with us. We told her no, he woudln't make it this time.
So, now she has an added part to her story. We are also..."going to the big wall in China, but Big Bird not be there". Too funny!


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