Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Visa's have arrived!

We use a courier to get our visa's. We sent our passports off to her via Fed-Ex. The courier took the passports in to obtain the visas and sent them back to us again by Fed-Ex. I had given the courier a filled out return invoice for the Fed-Ex package. I clearly checked off the box that said signature required, because I did not want the Fed-Ex driver to leave the package on our porch. Have you all read about the current wait time for passports-let alone costs? I did not want our passports lost or missing! I waited all afternoon for the package and it never came. I called fed-ex and they told me they delivered it to the wrong house and left it on their porch! AHHH! I drove through the neighborhood in search of our passports and thankfully retrieved them. I was not impressed!


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