Thursday, August 16, 2007

The girls are quite funny to watch as they figure out how to be sisters! When people ask how they get along with each other, my answer is "Well, they are two". As well as you might expect two year olds to get along. They love each other and miss the other horribly if one goes somewhere without the other. Dave left last night to get pizza and Ella went with him. Sophie sat at the door for the 15 minutes they were gone and kept calling for Ella. When they pulled in the driveway, her face lit up and she RAN to the car and gave Ella the biggest hug. If one is crying, the other gets very upset and tries to fix the problem and help the other not be upset. Ella was crying last night when they were outside playing with Dave and Sophie came running in the house to get me and told me in Chinese that Ella needed me. Now of course I don;t understand her Chinese, but she got the point across.
Then of course, the other side...they fight over toys. And if one is crying because the other took something from them...then they are not too upset about their sister's crying! If Mommy is holding one, the other has to be held. But that's okay. I tell them that is why God gave me two arms!
Sophie seems more protective and adoring of Ella than Ella is of her. But I am sure that will change. Ella didn;t have a newborn baby added to the family that sleeps a lot and doesn;t touch he toys. She had a fully mobile 2 year old join our family, so she is naturally feeling territorial. But every morning the first words out of her mouth...let's go get Sophie!

Always sharing.....

Always loving....

That's our story and we're sticking to it!!

Thanks for the bears Nanny and Grandpop!


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Donna Geer said...

Giardia! Oh the poor baby! That can be soo painful! I have heard of folks being in gut wrenching, incapacitating pain with that aweful bug. It makes you wonder how many others still in the SWI have it too! And how they got it?? I bet she will feel soo much better once this is under control! I hope she doesn't share with anyone else in the house! :)
You guys are in our prayers!!

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