Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sophie's Eye Eval

I took Sophie to the pediatric opthamologist yesterday for an evaluation of her eyes. We knew as we researched her condition before she joined us that either her eyes were crossing because in her first year, she became extremely farsighted, so crossed her eyes to be able to see up close. OR...she was born with a misalignment of her eye. In which case her vision would be fine, but the misalignment of her eye was due to a muscle issue in the eye. The first case she would need glasses. The second case she would need patching and then surgeries. She fell into the second category. She has amblyopia, which means the vision of one eye is being affected due to the eye that is not aligned properly. The Dr. explained it like this...the eye that turns inward most frequently would normally being seeing one picture and the eye that stays straight would see a different image. Her brain has shut off that double image, so that instead of her seeing 2 images, she just sees the image of the eye that does not turn inward. The side of her brain that she would use to see out of that eye is not working properly due to this. **You could have fooled us, because she is smart as a whip!**
So, now they want her to start using the eye that she is not using. She has to train the brain to turn that image back on. So, the "good" eye gets patched for 2 hours every day for the next 2 months. Then we go from there. We may need more patching after that or may start with the first surgery. The Dr. explained the surgery would be useless unless we get both eyes working as they should first. The surgery is very hour or so outpatient. No cutting into the face or anything. So, that's where we are now. The Dr. came highly recommended to us and we feel very comfortable with his plan for Sophie.

Special shades from the eye Dr. after having my eyes dilated. Where did everyone go?

My patch, which I am NOT too happy about!


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