Wednesday, August 15, 2007

We're Back!!

I think we may have finally recovered from jet lag and are getting closer to settling Ella onto our time zone. The poor thing really had a rough time with it again, just like she did when we flew over to China. Sophie adjusted to the time difference immediately, which was very surprising. I think God knew I would have a very hard time handling 2 two year olds with jet/lag and on the wrong time zone!
Sophie was nervous the first few days we were home, but is feeling more comfortable each day. She is very sweet and easy-going. Most things do not upset her, but when something does make her mad - she has quite a temper! She made a huge breakthrough tonight!! She has been afraid to go to Dave all along and cries when he has to hold her. Sometimes she would start to whimper when he came into the room. That has made it tough on me, because Ella has been very clingy and a Mommy only girl recently with the trip and adding a sibling. It is a lot for a little one to adjust to, so we understand her clinginess, but it was hard...because I had to do everything for both of them. Well, tonight Dave came home from work and she smiled and said BaBa. About an hour later, he came in from outside and she went up to him and put her arms out for him to pick her up!!! Huge breakthrough!



Robin said...

Cute, cute, cute! I just love seeing the girls together...especially when they are holding hands. SO glad you have passed the jet lag stage...that was quick! How sweet for Sophie to say "baba"!!! I bet that melted Dave's heart.


Carmen said...

Such sweet pictures of the girls. Sophie is adapting so well. Those Shaoguan girls are tough.


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