Thursday, September 20, 2007

First Day

Mom's Morning Out is a program offered at a local nursery school. It is for 2 year old and they meet once a week for 3 hours. They do not need to be potty trained...big plus for us! Ella's best friend K was signed up for it, so I had signed Ella up to see how she would do. Her and K would be in the same class - another plus. There are 12 kids per class and 3 teachers. Ella turns 3 in November, so will always just miss the cut-offs for school. I felt she was ready for something like this, but if she in anyway was upset about going...I was not going to push it. It is certainly not a necessary, thing...but I hoped something she will enjoy!
So, this morning went well, whew! I purposely took her a little on the late side as I knew there would be a lot of commotion and little kids crying in the beginning. Ella is comfortable with separating from me and seems to understand I will be back, BUT loud noise and chaos upsets her a lot! When we arrived, everyone was in the class room already playing. There were still some crying children, but Ella seemed to be alright with it. K didn't make it the full day as she was very upset and wanted her Mommy. She went home early. I am anxious to see how Ella does next week and what she will say about going back. She told me she had fun today, so that's good!

Here is Ella stuffing Pup into her backpack. Of course he had to come along, but Ella understood he was not allowed out of the backpack while in school!

My backpack is almost bigger than me!

Lunchbox and backpack. I am ready!

Come on, Mom...let's leave already!!

Pup and Ella napping after a busy morning...


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