Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Local Mom's Club that I belong to organized a car seat inspection for all interested. I found out one of our car seat's has been recalled! I find in interesting that all of the toy recalls have been broadcast widely, but I have heard nothing of this recall.The police officer said it has been recalled in the last week or two. The other car seat, which is actually the same one, purchased more recently was fine. Dave had tethered the seat to the wrong place and they were both not in tight I was glad we went!

Note: Carseats involved are Cosco, Eddie Bauer and one other(?) Manufacture dates of 03 through 05. But not all models are involved. I called the company earlier and they are sending me a repair kit for the harness. I asked them why it has not been all over the news. Their answer...: "it is all over Canada, but we are still working on getting the word out over here in the U.S.???


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