Sunday, September 9, 2007

Potty Time

Sophie's Potty

Ella's potty...all alone

Smiling with my diaper!

Sorry, I am behind in my blogging. We spent the week trying to push the idea of using the potty, instead of changing all of those diapers. Ella has never, ever done anything in the potty. She has sat on it many times, but doesn't seem to have the idea of how to do what she is supposed to do. As a matter of fact...a few times she sat on her little potty seat and asked me to show her how. Sorry, sweetie...that I can not do. As much time as she spends with me in the restroom...if that is not enough, well.... She is definitely physically ready as she can hold her bladder for hours on end and she now tells me right after she has done something in her diaper. BUT...I don't think she is quite ready emotionally. This past week was proof of that.
Sophie automatically does something as soon as you sit her on a potty. They tie the kids to potty seats in orphanages from when they are little babies. I can't say all orphanages do this, but I know many do and I know Sophie's definitely does. They will train them to go at certain times and sometimes to a particular sound. The kids sometimes are tied to the potty chairs for hours a day.
So with that...we took the diapers off this week. Where we have ended for now....Ella is not ready and asked to have her diaper back. Sophie is doing quite well during the day and wearing big girl pants. I thought Ella might be jealous with Sophie getting a treat and praise whenever she uses the potty...but no. She is happy to have her diapers back!


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