Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our pumpkins already had trick-or-treat last week. Hope YOUR little pumpkins get lots of treats!!
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

E-mail sent to me.....please remember them in prayer

As I reflect on this photograph, I see once again that not all the brave leave the "home of the brave" to enter battle; some are required now to be the brave of the home

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words but it leaves me speechless and tears in my eyes.

We have a long list of good friends whose husbands are deploying

to Iraq next month. One of the wives sent me this. We feel compelled

to send it on. Your prayers are deeply appreciated. These guys

deserve our love, our hugs and most powerfully, our prayers.


Enjoying the Sun!

We did not see much sun last week, so we are out enjoying it today!!

This is my usual attempt at getting both girls to look at the camera without a silly look and here's the catch....AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!! Thought you might see what a typical photo shoot with these two is like. : )


Monday, October 29, 2007

Cat or Dog?

We are thinking someone forgot to tell our kitten what she is. She acts more like a puppy than a kitten! She eats off of our plates, carries around stuffed animals and other large objects. Doesn't just bat them around-she carries them in her mouth while running through the house. She chases after the vacuum. How many cats like the loud noise of a vacuum? She tries to get in the tub with the kids. Wherever there is action-she is there...right in the middle of it. Nothing scares her!


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Look Who's Coming Home!!

Remember this sweet little face from our adoption trip? She is in the same SWI that Sophie was in...Shaoguan. We were able to meet her and take some pictures of her for her family as they waited for travel approval to bring her home. Click here to follow their China journey next week as they finally meet her! Her new Mommy is super nice and she and I have compared notes on what kind of barrettes/hair accessories to use with our shaved head girlies. Retta-here's hoping for lots of hair growth and pigtails by the summertime for our girls!


Friday, October 26, 2007


It was a cold and rainy night for trick-or-treat, but what are you going to do? Our town always does their T or T the Friday before Halloween and they do not believe in rain dates! Ella was sooo excited about T or T even though she really did not know what it was all about. She just knew it would be something fun! Sophie stayed home with me and ate pizza and helped pass out candy....which was fine by her!

Pretty as a princess....Snow White

Look at my beautiful princess shoes

keeping watch for trick or treaters

Ba Ba getting geared up for the bad weather

I'll watch this candy and won't eat any....I pwomise!!!

always silly!

Here's my loot!

This looks good...

Here Sophie, one for you....


Thursday, October 25, 2007


Tonight is Trick-or-Treat in our town. Check back later tonight or tomorrow for pictures of Snow White.


Retro Friday

Where does time go?? This photo(above) is Chelsea with her 2 best friends M and E. These 3 girls have stayed best buddies since preschool. All 3 of them originally started out as friends in the small town we lived in, but over the years have moved and do not live too close to one another. Yet the 3 remain very close and are still the 3 Amigos. You will see the 3 of them all grown up and beautiful in the photos below. They were taken just this past week-end when they went into the city...all on their own! Who would have thought when this picture was taken that the 3 would still be good friends 13 years later and driving into the city together?!
Chels is the one hamming it up in the middle and the cute little bat all the way om the left is Ryan. Was he not the cutest little guy?


My Tax Dollars Hard at Work

Ryan has a teacher this year(8th. gr.) who he talks about often. He describes him as unusual and he says the guy has such strong opinions about everything from our government to people saying "God Bless You" after a sneeze. That offends him, so I am assuming he is an atheist, among other things. He says the guys goes on and on about his opinions and what irks him. So, yesterdays lesson....drugs should be legal. How is that for what you want your kids to learn during school? Drugs should be legal because he is tired to having to pay for all of the prisoners and if you took possession of drugs out of the scene that would cut back on the money he has to pay for the prisoners. I told Ryan to tell Mr. Crazy Man that there are many more people in the prison system due to the crimes they commit BECAUSE of their drug use than there are people for drug possession. Oh, and he is not referring to the real major drugs, just the smaller one that "are not really addicting". So, he is also teaching that marijuana and some other "small" drugs
are not that bad for you and not addictive.
He does not want to pay for the prisoners and I do not want to pay the salary of someone telling my kids that drugs are alright!!!!


Sophie Update

Sophie has been home with us for almost 3 months! Her language has developed at an amazing pace. Her receptive language was there almost immediately. She understood what we were saying to her within the first few weeks of being home. Children's brains are truly like little sponges! She can say many, many words in English and can string together 3 to 4 English words to make short sentences.

We went back to the opthamologist last week and he has us continuing to patch for 2 hours daily and says her eye surgery will probably take place over the winter.

She qualified for early intervention due to her sensory processing issues and we will have an occupational therapist come into our home once a week to work with her until her 3rd. birthday in January. At that point they will reevaluate her to see if she qualifies for their preschool program. The way the county works is that if your child qualifies for services they send someone to you before the age of 3. After they turn 3...they will provide services for the child outside of the home and will even provide transportation for the child.

She is still very nervous and afraid of Dave. We are thinking that will change quickly when I go back to work and she has all of that extra bonding time with Ba Ba! Part of the issue with sensory processing is that children overstimulate extremely easily and then can not self regulate as you or I might. Sophie is comfortable with me and Ella. So anything or anyone outside of that triangle...Ella, Sophie, and Mommy...creates stress and over stimulation for her. All which the OT will be working with her on.

We call Sophie Go Go. When we got back to the US, we decided Dou Dou(pronounced Doe Doe) just would not cut it here in the US! If said with the proper Chinese does not sound like Doe Doe in DoDo bird. But I was the only one who could pronounce it correctly. So, in public-calling your child/sister Doe Doe...well you can imagine!
Sophie referred to herself as Go Go...I guess her pronunciation of Dou Dou. So we went with that as it works better in our country!


Thankful Thursday

Counting my blessings one by one and Praising Him for all He has done.

I am thankful for my 2 toddlers. I often write about their mischief and what they get into, but I am so thankful for the 2 of them as they really keep us young and laughing! I can not imagine our life without them in it.

I am also thankful for my 2 teenagers. They come with their own type of chaos, but I am so thankful for them and that they are 2 really great kids. I look around and see what types of things teens are getting themselves into and then I look at my two and think how lucky we are!

I am thankful for having some of the best specialists around right in our area. Anytime I have needed a specialist for the two little ones, God has placed just who we needed in our path.

I am thankful for the time I was able to be home with the girls for the last 3 months. I am complaining about having to go back to work, but I have to keep in mind that I was fortunate to be able to stay home as long as I have.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Meet the Nanny

This is what I wanted to dress the girls as for Halloween. I saw the t-shirts in a store a few months ago and I thought....perfect! I wasn't sure if Ella's school would have the kids come in dressed up for their party, so I thought it wouldn't make sense to send her off as Thing 1 without Thing I changed my mind about the costumes. Most moms of virtual twins the age of our girls can so relate to this!

I will have to return to work in a few weeks. The lady who watched Ella for us(MA) is going to return and watch both of the girls. MA is a very nice older lady, but she never had to raise any children. So some things about her make us laugh a little. She used to watch Ella just 6 hours a week (3 hours 2X a week) and Ella alone is very easy to watch. MA used to tell us that she needed to take naps on the days she watched Ella. She also worries about germs a lot. So, now she will have Things 1 and 2 and she will be here for 10 hours a week. So, runny noses X 2 and if she needed a nap to watch Ella alone...she will need to go into hibernation after a day with both of the girls. They are at a busy, get into everything age!

So, the funny part...MA always has Dave's Mom(Bette) here to make dinners on the days she is with the kids. I added an extra day for MA to watch the kids and Bette does not cook on that day. So, MA is concerned about what she will eat for dinner that night. Not what the girls will eat, but what she will eat. Oh, MA...after a few hours with our girls...dinner will be the last thing on your mind!!


Ella's Gym Class


Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We have our own sitcoms from the 50's and 60's. Can you see the resemblances? Okay, so maybe not in the physical features, but.....

...we have Ella starring as Dennis (Denise) the Menace. That is what I call her often throughout the day. She gets into everything and anything she can and loves, loves, loves to make messes with anything from her yogurt to the toilet plunger. And she does it all with that innocence of Dennis the Menace. ALWAYS into something!

Next we have Eddie Haskel from Leave it to Beaver. Sophie is quite a character, also! I, so far, am the only one who Sophie will listen to, She misbehaves for others who are watching her. She is very smart and knows what she should and should not do. When I am home, that is usually the case, because she knows I mean business...but as soon as I step out...look out! Chels won't watch her anymore because of that. The Eddie Haskel part comes in, because I try to go over the things she did while I was gone and have Chels discipline her in front of me. Sophie will look at me with this huge smile and say "Okay Sissy". Kind of like- I would never misbehave and not listen to sissy- smile and all. She will even scold Ella for doing something she should not if I am near by, but as soon as I am not within eyesight...she will do the same thing she scolded Ella for. The key with her is to make sure she misbehaves out of my eyesight...kind of like Eddie!

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