Sunday, October 14, 2007

Chinese Culture

The Chinese students/scholars at the local University have started a new program designed for young Chinese girls and boys...called Dumplings. The class is centered around Chinese culture and they plan on having one class per semester. This was the first class and there were about 15 University students to help with the class, so almost one student per attendee! This class was spent putting a map of China together and locating where each child is from on the map. We also learned about the moon festival and then made orange lanterns. At the end of the class, the lanterns were put together to make the Chinese character for moon. You could tell the University students put a lot of thought and time into planning the class and they were very interactive with the kids.



Robin said...

That is so incredibly awesome that they have done this for the little ones from China!!! I love the orange lantern idea!

Donna Geer said...

You are so lucky to be surrounded by opportunities to help your girls understand their culture!
Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, that is SO COOL! What a blessing to have that opportunity nearby!

Sandi in FL

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