Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Minute With Ella

Ella was born in the Hunan Province. This Province is known for their spicy foods and it is said amongst the people in China that when the children are in-utero, they are exposed to all of the spicy foods that the birthmother eats. This must surely reflect on their personality, so the baby girls are referred to as "Spicy Girls".
Well, that holds true with Ella and then some! I often refer to her as my firecracker or my whirlwind. She is so full of life and makes us laugh often! She has such a zest for life. Her language is quite developed and she can carry on conversations with us. I do not know where she comes up with most of the stuff she does, but she is quite a character.

"Ba Ba drives fast Mommy and you drive slowly" "BaBa needs to SLOW down, Mommy!"
"Why can't you reach in the back for the toy I dropped while you are driving? Ba Ba does!"

"Can I have the scissors, Mommy? I won't cut anyone's hair....I pwomise, I pwomise" or "Can I have the markers, I won't draw on the wallpaper today" and of course lots more "I pwomises"

"Moooommm. Sophie is making me angwy! I am going to do my mad dance"

"Mom. are you crabby?" If that is answered with a "yes" because of a scissor or marker episode...she will follow up with a "are you happy now?" every few minutes. How can anyone stay crabby with her...she is too darn cute!

She asks me many times through the day if we can "pray to God". This morning as I was praying and asking God to watch over (naming family members) Ella added her request and asked for blessings of Zach and Weesy from the Draggontales! (it is a cartoon)She was completely serious in that request.
She does not like to stay dressed these days and I ofter find her naked. Yesterday we were heading up for baths and of course she undressed as soon as I had mentioned bath. I come upstairs to find her dancing with her naked hiny to her brothers loud rock and roll music and I mean she was dancing and totally into the music! A funny sight! She is also very dramatic and has the funniest expressions. She has such an imagination and makes up all sorts of pretend games. The other day she undressed and used her underclothes to make a bikini for herself so she could play beach. Where did that come from...she has always worn one piece bathing suits.
I could keep going, but I will leave you with the photo above that says it all. My little character with attitude! Spicy is only the beginning of how to describe her and we love every minute we spend with her!


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Robin said...

What a great spicy girl! Thank you for sharing such sweets about her...they brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes!

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