Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Tax Dollars Hard at Work

Ryan has a teacher this year(8th. gr.) who he talks about often. He describes him as unusual and he says the guy has such strong opinions about everything from our government to people saying "God Bless You" after a sneeze. That offends him, so I am assuming he is an atheist, among other things. He says the guys goes on and on about his opinions and what irks him. So, yesterdays lesson....drugs should be legal. How is that for what you want your kids to learn during school? Drugs should be legal because he is tired to having to pay for all of the prisoners and if you took possession of drugs out of the scene that would cut back on the money he has to pay for the prisoners. I told Ryan to tell Mr. Crazy Man that there are many more people in the prison system due to the crimes they commit BECAUSE of their drug use than there are people for drug possession. Oh, and he is not referring to the real major drugs, just the smaller one that "are not really addicting". So, he is also teaching that marijuana and some other "small" drugs
are not that bad for you and not addictive.
He does not want to pay for the prisoners and I do not want to pay the salary of someone telling my kids that drugs are alright!!!!



Robin said... I see a visit to the Principal's office in your future? The bad news is that his teacher has no business teaching children. The good news is that Ryan is intelligent enough to realize this teacher is wrong. Way to go Ryan!!!

Donna Geer said...

Ummmm.. WHAT?!

Drugs are ok...but let's not ever mention, say.....God in school!

Sorry, that must be sooo frustrating!!!!

JShannon said...

Wow, I would be making a visit to the principal's office and soon!!

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