Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Potty Celebration

Ella has done such an awesome job with her potty training this week and one of her incentives was an ice-cream celebration. You will notice even the big kids joined us for this one!

This is fun!!

Not a peep out of Sophie while she enjoyed her ice-cream. She is generally not allowed to feed herself for attachment purposes, so this was extra fun for her!

Hey, look at my new big girl pants...

Which ones should I wear first?

These will work!

I think I will journal about this, because I am so happy with myself right now!!

I caught you! You love taking my picture, don't you?



Donna Geer said...

Golly, ain't Ella cute??!! She is just glowing with pride! Great job M & D!

Robin said...

You go girl!!!

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