Friday, October 5, 2007

Retro Friday

Since I love doing my then and now photos...I think I will start doing retro Fridays. Many bloggers do Thursdays, but I always like to be a little different! So, friends and family....look out as you will never know which photo from the past that I might find. Cyber friends won't have to worry!

I will have to dedicate this first one to my friend Eileen as I have been thinking of her since she just celebrated her birthday. I don't get too much opportunity to see Eileen these days as she is a full time career woman AND still going to school. Go Eileen! And then I have my crew to tend to with working. But we have children born within a few months apart and she was always there for me as our teenagers were growing up. Her daughter D was born 3 months after Chelsea and her son B was born 4 months before Ryan. We met through a neighborhood playgroup when the girls were only a few months old. Eileen is the type of friend that would do ANYTHING for you and I am blessed to have you as a friend. You were a lifeline for me when our kids were younger and I hope I reciprocated that!

This is our girls with some others from our playgroup. Chels is the ladybug and Eileens' daughter D is in blue right next to her.

A few years later...our boys. Ry is second from left and Eileen's son B is to the right of him.

Happy Birthday, my friend!!


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eileen said...

Dear Michelle,
thank you so much for the birthday tribute. you really know how to make a person feel special. seems like yesterday we posed the kids for those pictures. those playgroup memories are quite vivid and special to me. those days when our kids were little are some of the best days of my life. i am so indebted to you for being such a constant in my life, then and now. thank you so much for that. i am addicted to your blog, so don't worry, even though we are both so busy, i am hanging on every word and picture of your crew.
lots of love,

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