Thursday, October 25, 2007

Retro Friday

Where does time go?? This photo(above) is Chelsea with her 2 best friends M and E. These 3 girls have stayed best buddies since preschool. All 3 of them originally started out as friends in the small town we lived in, but over the years have moved and do not live too close to one another. Yet the 3 remain very close and are still the 3 Amigos. You will see the 3 of them all grown up and beautiful in the photos below. They were taken just this past week-end when they went into the city...all on their own! Who would have thought when this picture was taken that the 3 would still be good friends 13 years later and driving into the city together?!
Chels is the one hamming it up in the middle and the cute little bat all the way om the left is Ryan. Was he not the cutest little guy?


1 comment:

Robin said...

That is so kewl that they are still friends. What adorable little girls they were and what BEAUTIFUL girls they have become. Ummm...the dads let them out of the house??? Ryan is the cutest bat I've ever seen! :)

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