Monday, October 8, 2007

Sensory Diet

See what we do all day long. A sensory diet has nothing at all to do with food. It is what Sophie's Occupational therapist has us doing at home in between OT visits. This is to help Sophie with problems she has with sensory integration. To read more about this, please click here.. This site gives a brief overview of sensory integration, but our awesome OT explains it so much better! Sophie is hyposensitive and is sensory seeking. That will make sense if you read about SI. So, the sensory diet is to fill her senses all day every day for now to balance things out for her. Most of the things are fun, but it does fill our day and tires Mom out. Ella does everything that Sophie needs to do, well...just because she wants to.

Our commando crawl...using those arm muscles

Crab walking...again arm strength

Joint compressions...not to be done unless you are under OT direction!

Body brushing and lotions...every 2 hours

Shaving cream play...a favorite

If you notice, the girls are not sitting anywhere near each other for this!

Playing IN the bean bin

Playing WITH the bean bin

Pushing heavy object

Squeezing ball and wheel barrow walking

Stepping stones for balance

Hey this is not so easy!


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KP said...

WOW, I am very happy to visit your page!!! I was encouraged to see a snapshot of the "sensory diet" that you are using for your children at home in between therapy. I am a mother of two; a three year-old son and a one year-old daughter. My three year old is overcoming the effects of autism/pdd. My son has strong tactile sensory issues and I was introduced to the "brushing" technique. I started and tappered off after a while (I got discouraged when I didn't "see" anything happen). I would love to see more pictures of your day and other techniques that you use. May God richly bless you and your family....Life can be hard but God is ALWAYS Good!!

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