Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We have our own sitcoms from the 50's and 60's. Can you see the resemblances? Okay, so maybe not in the physical features, but.....

...we have Ella starring as Dennis (Denise) the Menace. That is what I call her often throughout the day. She gets into everything and anything she can and loves, loves, loves to make messes with anything from her yogurt to the toilet plunger. And she does it all with that innocence of Dennis the Menace. ALWAYS into something!

Next we have Eddie Haskel from Leave it to Beaver. Sophie is quite a character, also! I, so far, am the only one who Sophie will listen to, She misbehaves for others who are watching her. She is very smart and knows what she should and should not do. When I am home, that is usually the case, because she knows I mean business...but as soon as I step out...look out! Chels won't watch her anymore because of that. The Eddie Haskel part comes in, because I try to go over the things she did while I was gone and have Chels discipline her in front of me. Sophie will look at me with this huge smile and say "Okay Sissy". Kind of like- I would never misbehave and not listen to sissy- smile and all. She will even scold Ella for doing something she should not if I am near by, but as soon as I am not within eyesight...she will do the same thing she scolded Ella for. The key with her is to make sure she misbehaves out of my eyesight...kind of like Eddie!


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