Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sophie Update

Sophie has been home with us for almost 3 months! Her language has developed at an amazing pace. Her receptive language was there almost immediately. She understood what we were saying to her within the first few weeks of being home. Children's brains are truly like little sponges! She can say many, many words in English and can string together 3 to 4 English words to make short sentences.

We went back to the opthamologist last week and he has us continuing to patch for 2 hours daily and says her eye surgery will probably take place over the winter.

She qualified for early intervention due to her sensory processing issues and we will have an occupational therapist come into our home once a week to work with her until her 3rd. birthday in January. At that point they will reevaluate her to see if she qualifies for their preschool program. The way the county works is that if your child qualifies for services they send someone to you before the age of 3. After they turn 3...they will provide services for the child outside of the home and will even provide transportation for the child.

She is still very nervous and afraid of Dave. We are thinking that will change quickly when I go back to work and she has all of that extra bonding time with Ba Ba! Part of the issue with sensory processing is that children overstimulate extremely easily and then can not self regulate as you or I might. Sophie is comfortable with me and Ella. So anything or anyone outside of that triangle...Ella, Sophie, and Mommy...creates stress and over stimulation for her. All which the OT will be working with her on.

We call Sophie Go Go. When we got back to the US, we decided Dou Dou(pronounced Doe Doe) just would not cut it here in the US! If said with the proper Chinese does not sound like Doe Doe in DoDo bird. But I was the only one who could pronounce it correctly. So, in public-calling your child/sister Doe Doe...well you can imagine!
Sophie referred to herself as Go Go...I guess her pronunciation of Dou Dou. So we went with that as it works better in our country!


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Donna Geer said...

Awww.... poor Dave! :) We love you Dave! But I'm sure you understand, poor Sophie. You guys are doing such an amazing job with her helping her heal & adjust! Kudos!!


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