Friday, October 12, 2007

Test Results

I promised to post this on here, because so many of you have been kind enough to ask and wonder how I made out with the MRI of my back. Apparently I have a herniated disk in the lower back area L4(?) does that sound right? Not sure of the number part, but it is the lower back and has something to do with the right side, which is why I lost movement in my leg. My regular doc wasn't the one to give me the results and I couldn't really get a straight answer from the doc that called as far as whether it would heal on its own. He warned me that certain types of movements will cause me to have another episode like I did before. He said that often times it is the combination of bending and twisting and to take it easy until things settle down in that area. Oh, well....try explaining that to 2 two year olds!


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