Friday, October 19, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Counting my Blessings one by one and praising Him for all he has done. This is a day late, because I was not thinking too clearly yesterday. But I do not want to miss this day, because no matter what happens in our day/life....we should still be looking up and thanking Him for all He allows us to have and to do. We are human and sometimes life can get in the way cloud our vision of that. So, in keeping Him at the center....

I am so thankful for the colors of nature! Many afternoons as I was driving to work, I would look around (I was without kids because I was going to work!) and I would look at all of the beauty in nature and think how much He loves us to make so many beautiful things or us to look at. Flowers and birds could just come in one color. The leaves on the tress could just fall off, but instead they change into beautiful colors for us to see and then fall off. I could keep going, but the next time you are outside, just look around and you will know just what I mean. All for our viewing pleasure.

I am also so thankful for the twelve years that we had with our Katie!


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