Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Meet the Nanny

This is what I wanted to dress the girls as for Halloween. I saw the t-shirts in a store a few months ago and I thought....perfect! I wasn't sure if Ella's school would have the kids come in dressed up for their party, so I thought it wouldn't make sense to send her off as Thing 1 without Thing I changed my mind about the costumes. Most moms of virtual twins the age of our girls can so relate to this!

I will have to return to work in a few weeks. The lady who watched Ella for us(MA) is going to return and watch both of the girls. MA is a very nice older lady, but she never had to raise any children. So some things about her make us laugh a little. She used to watch Ella just 6 hours a week (3 hours 2X a week) and Ella alone is very easy to watch. MA used to tell us that she needed to take naps on the days she watched Ella. She also worries about germs a lot. So, now she will have Things 1 and 2 and she will be here for 10 hours a week. So, runny noses X 2 and if she needed a nap to watch Ella alone...she will need to go into hibernation after a day with both of the girls. They are at a busy, get into everything age!

So, the funny part...MA always has Dave's Mom(Bette) here to make dinners on the days she is with the kids. I added an extra day for MA to watch the kids and Bette does not cook on that day. So, MA is concerned about what she will eat for dinner that night. Not what the girls will eat, but what she will eat. Oh, MA...after a few hours with our girls...dinner will be the last thing on your mind!!


1 comment:

Donna Geer said...

Thing 1 & thing 2....that is hysterical!!

Here's hoping Ma doesn't get overwhelmed!! :)

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