Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Who Got Haircuts Today?

Ella and Sophie did! If you are wondering why Sophie would get a haircut as we are so anxiously waiting for it to grow back in...here's the story- The girls have been playing so nicely together lately. Much improvement from when we first came home! Ella is very good about using her imagination to play and she is always making up new games to play with Sophie eagerly following along. First you will see Ella's dispense pretend medicine game always followed by pretend "shots" in the arm.

Next you will see an all time favorite game of taking all of my throws and decorative pillows to make tents, hills, and whatever else they can come up with. So much for all the toys...the pillows and blankets are the big hit.

And then you will see the haircut game. One of them sits in the Elmo chair and the other gives the haircut using the pretend kitchen toys.

Well, Ella took it one step further today. She was cutting paper at the kitchen table today like she always does. Sophie was next to her coloring. Chels and I were within 10 feet of the table, but talking about college stuff. I look over and see Sophie has little pieces of hair on her face and shirt. Ella admits to giving her a haircut. I then see hair all over the floor by Ella and was pulling long strands from her hair for quite a while. Thankfully with the pile of hair you see...95% of it was Ella's. Retta- are you dying while reading this? LOL!



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