Thursday, November 29, 2007

Adoption Awareness

As this month is coming to an end, I want to thank-you for celebrating adoption awareness month with our family! If you would have told me 5 years ago that we would be adding 2 more little girls to our family, I would have thought you were crazy! Hey, our other 2 children were getting older and easier to care for, I was working day hours again instead of evenings since the kids were in school full day, and we really had no desire to add any more children to our family. Things were comfortable. God had other plans, though! I am humbled every time I look into our girls' eyes. Humbled that God has entrusted me with 2 more of His children.

We often have people tell us how blessed the girls are to have us, but I can assure you that it is US that are blessed. We don't share our adoption stories with people in order to say, "hey, look what we did." We share it simply because adoption has touched our hearts and our lives. The children we left behind on each of our China trips remain in our hearts in a very big way! Many people feel that adoption is out of reach, as I once did. But it is not!! Every single child matters and God wants everyone of them to have a family.

I will not tell you that I think adoption is easy, but I can tell you that it is such a blessing from God. Yes, there is lots of paperwork involved and dealing with our govt. can be a real pain in the neck! The long waits can be frustrating and there are many fees associated with the process. The adjustment period with a newly adopted child can be tough. It took Ella 15-18 months to feel completely secure in her new home and Sophie still has a lot of healing she needs, but just look at these faces...we are the ones who have been blessed! The best things in life are not easy and adoption is one of the best things we have experienced in our lives. It is not out of reach. These 2 bring us much joy and they keep us young!


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mommy24treasures said...

this was a lovely post. I enjoyed reading it and understand your feelings so well...

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