Tuesday, November 20, 2007

First Snow of the Season

Ella could not wait to get outside when she saw the start of this Winter's first snow. She got cold quickly though and came back in. Don't you love her hat? I found it at Gap. It is so neat to observe life through a small child's eyes. She was so excited one day last week, when we pulled into our driveway...she pointed out to me that the leaves of one of the trees in our yard had turned beautiful gold/yellow. I NEVER would have taken the time to notice that!



Robin said...

You got snow already?!!! I'm jealous! I love snow! I especially love to see snow when the trees are still full of color. I do like Ella's hat! I feel like that book by Dr. Suess....Go Dog Go...when he says "I do like your hat" :) The 4th photo of Ella is priceless! She looks so happy and amazed to be looking up at the snow. I love that one!!!

mommy24treasures said...

I also love how excited and happy Ella looks! You really caught the moment. It looks so beautiful with the tree in the background.
It was 76 here today! We will get cold weather Fri I think...

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