Thursday, November 8, 2007


Our local middle school has a very large number of students and we are desperately in need of a larger building. It is easy for the kids to kind of get "lost" in the numbers of that school. We are happy that it offers several closed programs for 7th. and 8th. grade that are only available upon acceptance to a certain amount of students. This year Ryan is in a program called Harmonium which is a vocal and instrumental program that takes place during school hours and becomes part of their schedule/curriculum. Ryan participates in the instrumental with his love for playing the guitar. Last night they performed for the parents. The pictures did not turn out so great, because I couldn't figure out the right setting on the camera!

Ryan is the 3rd. from the left sitting.

First on the left sitting

Look at the look on Ella's face. she absolutely adores her older brother and acts so coy and shy around him!

Good job, Ry!!


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