Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Little Boy

Just want to share a funny story with you. Well, I think it is funny, but Dave isn't laughing too much
over it. : )
Many adoptive Moms joke about something called a RHW-reluctant husband waiver. Something we tease about needing in order to adopt. Of course there is no such thing, but many times our husbands are reluctant to move forward with the paperwork in adoption. They worry a lot, I guess! For both of our adoptions, it took Dave a while to feel adoption was something our family should do. If you ever see him with his little girls, you will know how happy he is that he has his girls in his life! He adores them!! Before I tell the rest of this story, I DID NOT put her up to this. LOL! Ella has been insisting that we are going back to China "for a little boy". I have no clue where she got this from, but it has been a daily subject with her for the last 2 months and boy is she persistent! I always tell her when she is questioning me about this that she is talking to the wrong person...she needs to talk to her Ba Ba about that. Dave tells her that we already have a lot of children and he will work on finding a nice little boy who lives close by that she can play with! So, those who live close to us...if Dave suddenly tries to set up a playdate with your little guys, you will know why!



Robin said...

I have never heard of the it! Ella must know something you don't know :::wink::: CHI sure had some cute boys on the list...hmmmm

JShannon said...

I'm working on a RHW myself, I hope to have within 2 years. But it WILL happen ! Hehehe

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