Thursday, November 15, 2007

Starting to Celebrate

Ella brought cookies in to school today to share with her class for her birthday. The teachers made her this special crown and the kids sang happy birthday to her!!

When I picked her up, the teachers told the parents that they had a real fire drill today. Is it still called a drill when it is real? Anyway, there was smoke in the basement, the alarms went off, the kids had to evacuate in the cold rain, and the firetrucks came. She said some of the kids got upset with the loud fire alarms going off. I don't know if Ella was one of them. She seemed okay with it when I talked to her on the way home. But she just woke up from her nap crying about the fire bells! Uh, oh!!



Robin said...

Ella you look very beautiful in your birthday crown!

mommy24treasures said...

What a pretty birthday girl!
and what yummy looking cookies!

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