Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanks Grandma!

Ella has a Nanny (my mom) and a Mamgu(Dave's mom), but she must have felt the need to have a Grandma. She adopted a friend of mine ,Joelyn, as HER grandma! Joelyn babysits her grandson, who is close in age to the girls and we get them together from time to time to play. Ella, being the little character that she is- has told me very clearly many times over that Joelyn is HER grandma-end of discussion. She even goes so far as to ask me and Sophie where Sophie's Grandma is. In other words, I have a can't have her-find your own!

Grandma gave her a Curious Buddies DVD for her birhtday. These pictures are for you, Joelyn. She loves it and it really tired her out! For those who might not know, as I did not, Curious Buddies is an interactive DVD that has the kids participate in all sorts of fun exercises. Ella really gets into will remember her prayers for Zach and Weesy from the Dragontales. So, this DVD was right up her allie!

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