Sunday, December 9, 2007

Babywearing!! Those who know me know what an advocate I am of babywearing to promote attachment and help with anxiety issues in our adopted children. Because my shoulder continues to get worse, Dave often helps with the babywearing. You will see below a picture of him wearing Ella in China when she was a baby and one of my favorites of him and Charlie wearing their girls so proudly! Donna and Charlie were in our travel group when we traveled for Ella. Donna is also a big fan of babywearing and when we traveled for Sophie I asked her advice on a carrier and she suggested the Beco carrier. We purchased one and if you all remember Dave "wore" Ella (see above) as he climbed the Great Wall. We then continued to use it with Sophie when we came home. See Dave changing a light bulb with Sophie attached? : ) You can click on photos to enlarge.
Donna is now making SlipSkinz which is a cover for the Beco carrier and she just sent us a Nascar one. Thank-you Donna!! Dave loves it! I think Donna's hubby probably felt bad for Dave watching him with the girly pink colored carriers. Well, no more girly colors for Dave! Thanks again, Donna!!


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Donna Geer said...

I'm so glad Dave likes it. It was Charlies idea. These men folks gotta stick together! :) Here's my blogspot if anyone ever asks.
Merry Christmas!


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