Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Miracle

Nan Nan Needs a Christmas Miracle -This is the title to a post that was on many Yahoo groups the day before Christmas. Some of you probably read it as did I.

Both of our adoptions were through China's Waiting Child Program. I always wondered where this name came from, because all of our adopted kids are "waiting" until they are united with their forever families, right? The Waiting Children program is very dear to my heart-see the 2 faces above to know why : ) -and it differs from the traditional program in this the traditional program, China's CCAA matches you with a child. In the WC program, the US agency is sent the children's files and they match the family with the child. The agency receives files usually every 3 to 4 months. Small agencies may get 5 files while the large agencies will receive 40. These are files of little ones who have a medical need. Some small, some not so small and lots in between. If the agency can not match a child with a family within 3 months, they have to send the file back to China's CCAA. The CCAA will typically resend that file to another agency for placement. If a child is not matched after the 3rd. agency, it is not likely that the CCAA will send that file out again and will label the child as unadoptable. Always so sad to see!

It is always a miracle to see a child matched with their family, but a bigger miracle to see a child that is having a difficult time being matched and close to being labeled as "unadoptable" find their family! I love reading these stories and thankfully there are many such stories to read!

When I read the post about Nan Nan, of course I looked at her photos and her videos and thought what a sweet little girl she is and prayed her family would find her and find her soon! Her time was running out. She had only days to be matched before her file would go back to China and it would not be resubmitted for adoption. Her previously matched family could not move forward with her adoption. Imagine how surprised I was to get an e-mail from my dear friend that night telling me that she knew this was HER newest daughter! Some of you might have read to this point and wondered how I got Dave to agree to adopt again so soon. LOL! Not friend Robin!

Robin is the lady who is making those cute panda jumpers. She now has a website with photos of her sewing creations. Please take a peek at her blog where you can read her story and if you look at the top of her blog in the upper right hand corner, you will see a picture of her Christmas Miracle.
Luv ya, Robin!

Look at the cute scarves that Robin made us for Christmas! Please check out her sewing blog(above) and don't forget to enter for your chance to win a quilt and help bring Nan Nan home!!!



Verna said...

Oh I am so glad you posted this. I am helping Robin out and some fool was a meanie but never fear the Lord is here with us and Robin and little Hope will be united!!
Your girls are way cute!!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

I LOVE those scarfs... I have a little post on my blog for her...
I am going to order the jumper and bag soon... and the scarf...
The girls are sooo cute..
Have a Great Weekend..

Robin said...

Michelle...your girlies look darling as usual!! The scarf looks great with their! Thank you so much for being the special friend that you are to me! What a blessing!


Tiffany said...

Your girls are so cute!!!! I love those scarves...I saw those on Robin's blog along with your adorable daughters.
Our daughter and son (hoping to bring him home early 2008) are also China's Special Waiting Children.

Steffie B. said...

Those scarves a adorable! I'll have to check them out!
Have a good NY!

mommy24treasures said...

they are precious. I am so thankful Hope has a home. Sounds like her new family is extra special too. Maybe when I get some extra $$$ after all of the holiday winds down I can purchase something. Looks like she has some great ideas.

JShannon said...

You are so blessed to have those two beautiful girls (and they are blessed to have you and Dave)!
I hope your family had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you all a happy new year.

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