Monday, December 10, 2007

Elmo Chairs and Helping Chair

Ella's beloved Elmo chair was involved in a "not getting to the potty on time" little accident. I had to throw it out and when I was looking for a new one, this is what I came across. It is a swivel Elmo spinning chair. Hmmmm
I don't have a carpet down in the family room at this time, so I am not so sure how the chair is going to work out. The bottom of the chair is plastic so that it can spin. That combined with a wood floor combined with 2 little ones has me wondering. We'll see!

My little helper! I do not spend lots of time in the kitchen and am not one of those moms who loves to bake and have the kids help. I like to do what needs to be done in the kitchen and get out asap. I do special baking with them on occasions. They help make birthday cakes and we will do Christmas cookies, etc.
Ella has made her little tyke's chair her "helping" chair. So, I now often hear "let me get my chair and help". I always kind of cringe when I hear those words! What can I say? I can't tell her no, you can't help me.

But Ella's help is never really that. It is closer access to getting into things. She was helping me make a sandwich and as soon as I turn my back, her hand is in the butter. Gotta love her!!!



mommy24treasures said...

your little helper is soooo cute... I am the same way about the kitchen. I see all of these posts by other bloggers that let theirs help and wish I were like that sometimes but I just don't have it in me.:)
Love the chair.

LINDA said...

It is so sweet that she wants to participate.. From the pictures, she seems to be really interested.
It's a blessing; maybe a mixed one but a blessing just the same.....

Carmen said...

Same thing at my house. Ami is a great helper but as soon I turn my back the little octopus got into something she wasn't suppose to. And what a mess when she beats eggs all over the kitchen. But I know we are making great memories.

Steffie B. said...

OMW....I am the same way...make the meal, eat it, clean up and get out! No hanging around...although if you saw the size of my rump right'd think I was in there 24/7! ;(

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