Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Thanks to Verna, the blog fairy we now have a Christmas/winter look. Thanks Verna, I so envy your creativity and computer skills! : )

Do you all have your Christmas trees up already? Part of me can not wait to get ours up because of the little ones. Ella is so excited! BUT...then we add the crazy cat into the picture and I am dreading having the tree up. Just look at her, can you imagine her and a tree with decorations? Ahhh! I am sure to have pictures in the next few weeks of Milo meets tree.



mommy24treasures said...

oh that is so funny!!!! Love your holiday look! I will have to catch up on your posts, we just got back. This post made me smile!

Retta said...

I love the new blog look! Makes me feel "Merry" :) Your kids are beautiful and your cat is cute, even if he is destructive! Happy decorating, Retta

redmaryjanes said...

Your blog is just beautiful. Verna is so talented. We are finally getting our tree up tonight. Last year our cat climbed up the middle and would lay in it. This year she's a little chubbier so I'm not sure what will happen :)
Have a wonderful Christmas!

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