Thursday, December 6, 2007

You Look Tired

I want to write this because I know so many of you Moms will relate. I work evenings and several times when I am walking into my workplace, someone will say to me "you look tired already and you are just starting work now."

My day today which is a typical day around here...

My alarm goes off starting at 6 a.m. 3 of the big people need awakened for school/work and all at different times. I don't need to get up, but do so to make sure they are on time. Sign test grades and hand out lunch $ which should have been taken care of the night before, but the older 2 "forget".

I pack a lunch for Ella and get her backpack ready. I pay some bills, vacuum, and then get the little girls up and dressed to drive Ella to school for 9. I drop her off after lots of hugs and kisses and rush home with Sophie because the OT is on her way to work with Sophie. Run out to mailbox to mail bills and Sophie locks me outside! I have to be in the room while the OT is going on, because Sophie only takes direction from me. I do try to sneak out often to put in a load of laundry and clean the kitchen.
I have to leave the OT and ask her to let herself out, because I need to pick Ella up. Arranged a future playdate with another mom. Come home and give the girls lunch, put Sophie down for a brief nap, play match game with Ella(in which she so kicks my butt -everytime!) Back upstairs to wake Sophie up, bundle both girls up again and off to the pediatric opthamologist. Come home and get things ready for the evening, get dressed for work, talk with the babysitter and I am off to my paid job. I get home at 11:30 and here I am on the computer, because I am wide awake after driving home. This is my time to catch up with my on-line friends. Don't get sleepy till about 1 a.m. and then finally get to bed.

I love. love, love every minute of the chaos and wouldn't change a thing...but please don't tell me at 5 p.m. that my work is JUST STARTING! Of course I look tired! My respect and appreciation to all of you hard working Mommy's!! : )



mommy24treasures said...

wow. I pray you have refreshed strength each day and look youthful :) I pray your youth is renewed as the eagles...
You are an awesome mom. Your mornings sound so similiar to mine and I too love the busyness and wouldn't change a thing. I know there are too many parents out there that have lost a child to illness etc that would love to have their lives busy again so I NEVER complain either.
I also go for some computer time at night instead of bed and hubby thinks I should go to bed, but it really helps me to have a little me time and catch up with blog buddies.
goodnight :)

Robin said...

I knew you were awesome! :) I really don't know how you do it all... but you seem to pull it off! I also get to bed around 1am because I can't give up my "quiet time" after the family is in bed. This morning Lauren woke up at 5am...went back to sleep at 6:30am only to be waken at 7am so I could drive the kids to school. I'm SO tired today and had to laugh that your post was about exhaustion. Have a great weekend!

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