Friday, January 4, 2008

Out of the Mouth of Babes

...or should I say "out of the mouth of my spicy girl"? She is my little firecracker...full of life, full of zest and very passionate about everything she does and says. Ella just turned 3 recently and really speaks very well for her age. Recently, I find myself hurrying us along in public when my spicy girl feels the need to comment on the situation. Did I mention she is not too shy?

  • We are getting into the minivan after her Mom's Morning Out class. The door of our van is open and Ella is standing in the doorway when she sees one of her little classmates. This little boy was also getting into his car parked a few feet away from us. She very loudly yells out "hey, there is Mark"! Mark's dad looks over to her and smiles and tells me how cute she is. Ella begins to say something else about Mark, so the Dad is still watching and listening to Ella. Then the dad gets to hear my spicy girl very adamentally say"Mark is NOT a very nice little boy!!" I closed that door as fast as I could and mumbled something to the Dad and off we went! In her defense, she does love other children-especially little boys, so I knew she didn't just pull that out of her hat. When I asked her why he wasn't nice, she told me he always takes her toys from her. You go, Ella!

  • Onto the grocery store. My spicy girl has a very strong sense of smell. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? We are over in the corner getting some milk. No one anywhere near us except one of the employees stocking shelves. So when there was a very foul odor, I knew it had to have come from the guy working there and standing inches from us. I tried to be as fast as I could, because I just knew what was coming. Not quick enough! "Mom, WHAT is that smell?" I try to shush her with an "I don't know". But that did not work. "Did Sophie poop in her pants?" No, honey. "Mom, did that man poop in his pants?" Umm, we don't need milk that badly. let's get going! : )

  • Remember my post a little while back about Ella being so insistent that we return to China "for a little boy". I honestly do not know where she got that from, but DID NOT put her up to it! I promise! Now,even though I tell him otherwise, I know Dave thinks I put her up to this. So, the other day we are doing an errand and Ba Ba was with us. Sophie and I were in front of Ella and Dave and I hear this conversation.

  • "Ba Ba, you need another little baby".
  • "No, sweetie. I have 2 little babies already. I don't need another one."
  • "Me and Sophie are Mommy's little babies. YOU need a baby, Ba Ba".

  • Another shopping trip and Ella is holding on to the front of the shopping cart as I push it out the door. I remind her to hold on very tightly as we squeeze past a crowd of people. Ella's very loud and sincere response-"I will, Mommy! I pwomise that I won't let you down this time!" I was dying as everyone looked at us. I have NEVER used those words with any of my kids, so have no idea where she pulled that from. But I know if I heard another little kid say something like that, I would most likely think that is how the parent speaks to the child.

  • And one of our recent (not embarrassing favorites) "Mommy, you are my BESSST friend!" She also says this about her Ba Ba and if we tease her and say "hey, I thought I was your best friend", she informs us that we have to share being her best friend!
Ella, we love you and we love your zest! You will no doubt keep us on our toes and keep us young!!!



mommy24treasures said...

sorry about your last comment, I was accidentally logged in as a friend I had been working on her blog the other day and forgot to ever sign out! I will rdo my post here and then you can delete that one :)

She is darling! I just love hearing about her conversations! Caitlyn still baby talks and not alot of people understand her even though she has a large vocabulary. She also has a strong sense of smell and often says Smells like poo poo in here very loudly ewww yucky pooh!!! People can understand that one, she sys it even if its a nice smelling store.
Chloe is the one asking our BaBa for another baby.

Mr.Brian said...

Love the stories.The smell in the grocery store tops them all.
Nothing I enjoy more then hearing about kids saying the darndest things.

Robin said...

I'm in stiches over here! Ella is a hoot! I especially love the milk story and the Ba Ba needs another baby story. Sometimes I think God speaks thru our children. You go Ella!

Hugs from St. Louis

Steffie B. said...

She is just too cute. I could see her and my Sophia having a great time together! ;)

JShannon said...

Too cute!! Love those "kids say the most embarrassing things" stories. My youngest son used to come up with some down right good ones too

Tiffany said...

Those are the cutest, sweetest, funniest things she says.

That is a riot about the smell in the grocery store.

That is a great post... Thanks for sharing and for the laughs.

Carmen said...

Ella IS full of spice. My daughter is not as verbal yet but now you have me worried. Right now mine has decided that she is mommy to her babies so she should be called mommy and I should be called by my name. She will yell out my name when we are and about and it feels awful. The other day a man talking to her said oh is that your friend? referring to me. URGH !!

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