Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Love Without Boundaries....

I talk about this organization often as it is one of my favorites. They give a chance and they give hope to children that very well may not have either without help from them - help from us. Read about the great work they do here. Below is an e-mail I would like to share with you. After you watch the video clip, please go to the second link and make a $10 donation to help this wonderful organization win this contest. When they win...the kids win. There are so many children that can be helped and YOU can make this happen. Each person can only donate once(one per e-mail address) so please take 2 minutes to register with Facebook and make a small donation that can turn into a large miracle for many children. It does only take a few minutes...I did it in no time at all!

Karen Maunu, our medical director, has put together a photo show of some of the beautiful children healed through LWB in 2007. You can watch it here:

If LWB wins the Facebook Charity Challenge on February 1st, we will be able to use the prize money to heal even more wonderful kids like those in this video. If you haven't yet joined up to donate $10, we are hoping you will as we are still in first place, but only by a handful of people. We need as many new donors as possible within the next 2 days. The next 48 hours will decide whether 10 beautiful babies with heart disease can have the operations they need for a healthy life.
Visit to make a $10 donation and bring us one step closer to Facebook's $50,000 prize. Together we can do this! And let 10 precious children receive the gift of life.

These are Roses that are brightening up our kitchen. Chelsea's boyfriend, Joe, gave then to her over the week-end to celebrate their 6 month anniversary. Awwww!!!



mommy24treasures said...

I love LWB they are such a worthy cause.

my3 kids said...

Awe what adorable babies...beautiful roses and happy 6 months to your daughter and her cute:)

Tiffany said...

LWB is a great organization and thank you for the reminder about the Facebook donation.

Those roses are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

All those babies are sooo cute...So glad there is an org. to help..
Happy 6 months and pretty flowers..(Dear daughter and boyfriend)
Have a Great Evening..

Steffie B. said...

I need to check into this. Verna asked me too as well. Thanks for the reminder!

Mob said...

That is a wonderful organization. I think what they do for the kids is just fantastic. I donate to Chinese Starfish already, they are the same type of organization.
Great Post, good to get the word out there.

Sheri said...

How great that you are getting the word out about this organization and the chance for them to help even more children. I'm heading over there right now!

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