Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Girl and her Pup

Ella and Pup....

My older two kids never had a security object, other than MY hair!
When we returned home from China with our Ella, my Mom had bought her a stuffed dog and left it in her crib. When I first saw it, I thought...that's cute, but like most stuffed animals, it will shortly end up in a pile in the corner of the bedroom. Hmmmm-not the case!

The stuffed animal stayed in the crib while Ella slept for her naps and at nighttime. Then a few months later, when Ella was about 18 or 20 months of age, the stuffed animal was named, Pup. Pup then became an attachment object for Ella while she worked so hard herself to learn to attach to her new Mommy and Daddy. Oh, how she loved her Pup. He got kisses and hugs long before we did. He went everywhere with us. But you see...Pup was more than just a security object-he was a real living being to Ella and still is 2 years later! You will see him in the background of many of our pictures. It was hard for me to narrow down which photos to use for this post. You will see how much better shape Pup was in when Ella was younger as opposed to now.

Pup goes most places with us. He even traveled to China with us when we brought Sophie home. He is not just an object that she holds close for comfort. He has feelings and Ella doesn't just plop him places. He takes turns in our games, goes down the slide, gets covered with blankets, etc. He is very real to Ella. She talks to him and comforts him and always tells him how much she loves him. The trauma therapist that we have seen in the past, believes that in Ella's eyes...Pup is a little Ella. She feels that Pup has been monumental in helping Ella heal from some of her past hurts.

Now, Ella goes to a little preschool class on Thursdays called "Moms Morning Out". Sometimes she wants Pup to go to school with her and since preschools don't allow objects from home to go with the kids...I compromise with her and tell her Pup can go to school, but he has to stay in the backpack. She is fine with that.

Ella's preschool seems to have issues with the smoke alarms as her class has already had two fire evacuations with bells sounding and evacuating and firemen and all. The first one did not seem to bother her-which amazed me. However, they had one last week and it terrified her. She keeps saying I was scared and the firebells were so loud(she does not handle loud noises well). She told me she was not going to school today because of this. I didn't make her and was sure the loud fire bells were the reason, but....

Last night I was putting her to bed and she started hugging Pup and crying one of those really deep emotional types of sobbing cries. She said "Mommy there was fire and Pup was in my backpack and couldn't get out. I needed to get him, Mommy so he would be safe, but I couldn't get him. I had to leave him in the fire. He needed me to make him safe and I couldn't get him."

Oh, how my heart broke for her! No wonder why she has been so upset about this. She had to leave her Pup in what she thought was a fire and thought he was getting hurt and she wouldn't see him again.

Bless her sweet, innocent heart!!


Monday, February 25, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

I want to share something that has been especially heavy on my heart this last week. It is... the way people treat one another. Now, I may see more of this than others due to where I work. For those who do not know me....I have worked for Wal-mart for the past 11 years. For 10 of those years, I held an office position with very little contact with the public. A little over a year ago they eliminated my job position and I was forced to work...with the public. We went through the Christmas season watching people act possessed. They transformed into selfish, pushy, hurried and nasty beings. They were on a mission to get the perfect gifts for Sally and whatever cost. And I don't mean $ cost, I refer to pushing, shoving, name calling, name it. So many times in the midst of this, I would look to the sky and pray for forgiveness for these people. What must He think as we are trying to prepare for the celebration of His son and His children are behaving in such a way?

Move forward to this past week. I have seen a fist fight over 2 people in a line....who was supposed to be first? I saw a physical fight over someone looking at someone the wrong way. I saw a screaming/name calling match because someone inadvertently thought the line began in a different place. I had a middle age woman come over to me and tell me her parking lot incident. How her and a gentleman fought over a parking space. And I mean FOUGHT. The man ended up keying the lady's car and do you know the lady would not budge even after this man continued to act crazy? A lady got mad at me because I asked if she would mind if I helped a man behind her first. Her transaction was very involved and his would have taken 2 seconds. She got mad at this suggestion and said "no way". I just returned from the Post Office where there was a very long line. The lady right in front of me had to step to the side to do something and told me she would be right back. When she came back to her spot in the line...the older lady behind us told her "no way...get in the back".
What is happening to people? What is the hurry which is so important that we treat one another the way we do? It makes me sad and it makes me wonder what our Father is thinking as He watches us behave in such a manner. It must hurt Him so!

"Everybody needs a little help sometimes"

It has made me really want to start doing more Random Acts of Kindness. I just did a google search and there are many sites that give great suggestions and ways to implement acts of kindness into our lives. It is easy to do special things for those we love, but takes some extra effort to help a stranger or someone we don't know well. But it makes me really think if we all try to practice this more...maybe our world would be a better place. A random act of kindness makes the receiver stop and think. Maybe that same person might stop and think when a situation like the ones above arises. Maybe their reaction would be different. Thoughts??

"Don't wait for others to be them how!"

Here is today's puppy picture. I should explain a little better. The puppies don't belong to us. We had found a breeder in NC and put a deposit down for one of the puppies from this litter. The breeder sends us updates and pictures of the puppies every Monday. They are about 3 weeks old now and we will be able to bring puppy home the end of March. Aren't they cute? Their eyes are just now starting to open.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day!

This is how much I love my kids.....I can not stand the snow. Ba Ba is at work and Ella was so excited to go out and play. This is the first play type snow we have had. So....we bundled up which took over an hour and then went out to play. I bribed Ryan to come out with us. Sophie was not too sure about the whole thing at first, but ended up having fun. Ella loved it!! And as for me....come on Spring!!!! : )

Ella -Hey....this is cool! I don't know why Mommy doesn't like this stuff.

Sophie- Look at those cheeks. They have really filled out, haven't they?

Who is that masked bandit???

That's Ella's Ry Ry who she absolutely ADORES!!

Sorry for so many pictures...but I had to share Ryan's sled riding story. I asked him to take the girls for a little ride on the sled. All who know Ryan know that he doesn't do anything little. Everything has to be to the extreme.

all started off well....

but we needed to step it up a bit and take them down a pretty big hill....
whoa! hold on Soph!! wee!!!
"hey Ry....maybe you should slow down!"
and of course...the little ones are not quite old enough to hold on tightly and....
into the snow they went...face first!
your boot is here somehwhere....

time to go back in and dry off!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Beauty Day for the Little Ones


Ella had her very first haircut today. We really never had a need to get her hair cut since we let her bangs grow out, but it definitely needed to have the ends trimmed up...lots of knots lately. She was so nervous about it. She told me that she "does not want to look like a boy!". I assured her that would not happen and then she was worried it would hurt. If you see in the one picture, she has her finger in her mouth. She does that when she is nervous. But she did great!


Next on the agenda...ear piercing! Yes, Chelsea won on that issue. : ) I really had just planned on having Sophie's done, because I knew it would not phase her...and it didn't. Ella kept saying she was getting hers done, but I thought for sure she would back out. As you can see...she did not back out. Yay!


Some fun after our beauty trip! (Notice Pup in the passenger seat...he goes everywhere with Ella!)


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ella's Valentine Fun

marble painting hearts

heart game

mmmm...these heart lollipops look good!

do I have to wait until after lunch??

my first Valentine that I made for my Mommy...this is what it says.....

I know you miss me
when I'm away
So I made this hug for
you today
This special hug from
me to you
Will give you hugs all day
Happy Valentine's Day!!
-love, Ella

my valentine mailbox that I made in school

all of my "loot"

making chocolate sprinkle pretzels

looks good!!!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

day by day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

my valentine

Ella had fun filling out her Valentines for her friends at school. We were hit with another snow/ice storm here in the NE, so I am not sure if she will have her class tomorrow. If not, then I am sure they will celebrate next Thursday. I will try to get some pictures of her Valentines. Helping her fill them out really brought back memories of when my older 2 were little. It was always lots of fun for them to fill out their cards for the kids in their class. Of course Chelsea always seemed to enjoy it more than Ryan, you know that girl-boy thing?

Valentines Day Comments

Sophie had her post op visit today and the doc said all looks well! There were several people who asked why Sophie had surgery. I should have explained that. Sophie was born with esotropia or what we more commonly refer to as strabismus. Both of our girls were adopted through China's waiting child program. Ella is our heart baby and Sophie's need was her esotropia. We didn't know until we brought her home if she would need glasses or surgery, but either one is not a big issue at all. It ended up that her eye cross was not due to a vision problem, so glasses would not help her. It was more of an eye muscle thing. So, we did eye patching for the past 6 months waiting for the weak eye to strengthen and when the timing was right, the surgery was done. Some people do fine with just one surgery, others need multiple surgery...but it is too early to tell what Sophie will need and any follow up surgeries will not be in the near future, anyway.

The puppies are here!! They were born this past Friday...all 10 of them!

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