Monday, February 25, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

I want to share something that has been especially heavy on my heart this last week. It is... the way people treat one another. Now, I may see more of this than others due to where I work. For those who do not know me....I have worked for Wal-mart for the past 11 years. For 10 of those years, I held an office position with very little contact with the public. A little over a year ago they eliminated my job position and I was forced to work...with the public. We went through the Christmas season watching people act possessed. They transformed into selfish, pushy, hurried and nasty beings. They were on a mission to get the perfect gifts for Sally and whatever cost. And I don't mean $ cost, I refer to pushing, shoving, name calling, name it. So many times in the midst of this, I would look to the sky and pray for forgiveness for these people. What must He think as we are trying to prepare for the celebration of His son and His children are behaving in such a way?

Move forward to this past week. I have seen a fist fight over 2 people in a line....who was supposed to be first? I saw a physical fight over someone looking at someone the wrong way. I saw a screaming/name calling match because someone inadvertently thought the line began in a different place. I had a middle age woman come over to me and tell me her parking lot incident. How her and a gentleman fought over a parking space. And I mean FOUGHT. The man ended up keying the lady's car and do you know the lady would not budge even after this man continued to act crazy? A lady got mad at me because I asked if she would mind if I helped a man behind her first. Her transaction was very involved and his would have taken 2 seconds. She got mad at this suggestion and said "no way". I just returned from the Post Office where there was a very long line. The lady right in front of me had to step to the side to do something and told me she would be right back. When she came back to her spot in the line...the older lady behind us told her "no way...get in the back".
What is happening to people? What is the hurry which is so important that we treat one another the way we do? It makes me sad and it makes me wonder what our Father is thinking as He watches us behave in such a manner. It must hurt Him so!

"Everybody needs a little help sometimes"

It has made me really want to start doing more Random Acts of Kindness. I just did a google search and there are many sites that give great suggestions and ways to implement acts of kindness into our lives. It is easy to do special things for those we love, but takes some extra effort to help a stranger or someone we don't know well. But it makes me really think if we all try to practice this more...maybe our world would be a better place. A random act of kindness makes the receiver stop and think. Maybe that same person might stop and think when a situation like the ones above arises. Maybe their reaction would be different. Thoughts??

"Don't wait for others to be them how!"

Here is today's puppy picture. I should explain a little better. The puppies don't belong to us. We had found a breeder in NC and put a deposit down for one of the puppies from this litter. The breeder sends us updates and pictures of the puppies every Monday. They are about 3 weeks old now and we will be able to bring puppy home the end of March. Aren't they cute? Their eyes are just now starting to open.



mommy24treasures said...

I think it is so sad that people act so selfishly. I am in agreement with you totally. We have to be the light in the world. I am going to do a search on random acts as well.We live in the south and people still have a little common courtesy in our neighborhood for the most part, but of course things could be better.
Oh I thought the puppies were at your house. I see now. Oh they are sooo cute!!! I know the kids are going to enjoy their new pet so much.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Love your post...
I am in retail also, Home Depot for 10 years (in April) and the people that come in there and act the way they do is amazing..
I just sit back and wonder how their life really is...
The puppies are adorable...
That is what our breeders did also...
It is amazing to see how they change...
Can't wait to see him/her home with all of you..
Have a Great Week..

Robin said...

Great post!!! I was just talking to hubby about this world and how respect seems to be a thing of the past and how this generation is very self centered. Its a sad reality. I love your idea about random acts of kindness! We spoke about that too and how we know someone that pays for the car behind them while driving thru for fast food. What a difference we could make if we just reached out with kindness. I agree with everything you said! :)

Mob said...

Great Post. So True. We need to shine HIS light in this mean world.
I had two girls blatently cut in front on me one day at K-mart, I just thought in my brain "bless them Lord". Its hard to love your enemies, but that is what we are called to do.
the pups are adorable, growing fast.!

The Byrd Family said...

I LOVE and agree 100% with your post! I used to close homes for a builder and you would think people would be so excited buying their new home....soooo rude!

I talk with my little ones about this all the we can do nice things for other people EVEN when they are not nice to us. I think I will look that up also, there may be some really different ways to be nice to others!

Thanks for reminding all of us how God wants us to treat His children!

Kate said...

Well said. You are so right!! And working in a retail situation really does open your eyes!

The puppies are SO CUTE!!! I just want to scoop them up!!


Tiffany said...

The puppies are SOOOO adorable!
Makes me want to reach through the computer and scoop one up.

Your post is SOOO true! It is sad the way people act and how they treat one another.
If everyone could just be a little nicer!!!!

OH MY the retail world is a scary place! Bless your heart!!!!!!

nikki said...

One of my favorite movies is "Pay it Forward"...I love the domino effect that random acts of kindness can have.

OH MY #6 said...

Wonderful post!


Sharon said...

I love those puppies!! You must be so excited to be getting one!

I was just thinking about this same subject yesterday. The radio host, Tom Sullivan said "that all the world's religions teach,(the main focus), if you boil it all down,is to "love one another". But it is so hard to do." Here is a quote: (Since I am so big into them right now...)

"For one human being to love another; that is perhaps the most difficult of our tasks, the ultimate test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation."
--Rainer Maria Rilke

I have not seen what you have but I think it is the perfect thing to go out and teach HOW. I know I can do this alot better when I feel Christ's love for me first then I have overflowing amounts to give out.

God Bless you!!

nikki said...

Hey Michelle! I just had to share what happened to my sister yesterday with you! She was at Wal-mart in the checkout line and saw a pregnant woman behind her getting ready to purchase a crib mattress (for 80 dollars) sis really felt God urging her to offer this woman HER crib mattress that she had at home. (she is done havin' babies). So, she did. The woman waited at the door of the store for my sister to run home and grab the mattress-and had flowers for her when she returned with it. She was so grateful. They exchanged a hug and that was about it. I was touched by this random act of kindness (and thought it was ironic that it happened where it did.)
I hope this makes you smile...sorry Walmart lost out on a sale, though.

missy said...

You bring up such a good point. I love the thought of doing random acts of kindness. You hang in there and keep spreading warm smiles and encouraging words to those around you. : )

Steffie B. said...

Wonderful post.....we talk about this all the time in our home. People are so cruel and unkind....let's try to be an example of Christ's faithful love for us.
Bravo girl! ;)

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