Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 20th.

Just where does time go? My Chelsea turns 18 today. How can you have a better day to celebrate your birthday than the First Day of Spring? It is so hard to believe that my firstborn is 18!!! I remember her birth like it was yesterday. She was actually supposed to be born on May 21st., but my very uncomplicated, easy pregnancy took another route on St. Paddy's day 18 years ago. I ended up in the ER and I remember the Doctor's asking Dave if I was a drinker. ha! Actually, I do not drink at all, so Dave laughed at that question. Apparently my liver was starting to shut down as I had developed something called H.E.L.P. syndrome. The only cure for this was to deliver the baby. I was so terrified, because my belly was so small that many people did not know I was expecting. I was never so scared in my life. I couldn't imagine how small my baby would be, especially since they told me she had stopped getting nutrients/ stopped growing 3 weeks prior to all of this!

She surprised us all weighing in at exactly 4 pounds. The delivery room was full of docs and nurses from NICU waiting to wisk her away as soon as I delivered. I couldn't even see my baby. She stayed in the NICU for 2 weeks after her birth and then the step down room for 2 more weeks before we were able to bring her home. What an emotional time that was for us. It was sooo hard to see your baby in an incubator all hooked up to machines to keep her breathing and keep her alive. She was so, so tiny and frail. So hard to leave your baby in a hospital and come home to an empty nursery each night. There are no quarters for parents to sleep in the NICU. But, she fought and she was soon able to breathe on her own and eventually started to take a bottle. She was still so tiny when we brought her home as they usually lose weight after they are born, so she came home weighing the 4 pounds. It did not take her long to outgrow the premie size clothes, though! She had to wear a heart monitor for the first year of her life as she had something called bradycardia.(sp?) Our first year was full of appointments and visits with specialists. They told us of all the things that could happen or not happen as a result of her early birth...but she beat the odds and thrived in every way!

Chels, we love you more than you could ever know and we are sooo proud of you!!

You are the best(and coolest!) big sister that anyone could have!

Chels with her Grandpop

and with her Nanny(grandmother)

and being embarrassed as the waiters at Red Robin sing Happy Birthday

Chelsea, remember you can do anything you want to with your life and don't ever underestimate what you can achieve. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better daughter than God has given me in you. Remember how much He loves you as His child!!

And one more thing, is NOT a "four letter word". Patiently waiting.... :- ) Love ya!!

Happy First Day of Spring to all of my bloggy friends!!!!



Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Happy Birthday Chelsea! What a delivery Michelle! Oh my! I can't imagine how frightening it was. Chelsea sure is a survivor and is so beautiful. You both look more like sisters. What a special tribute to your first born. I really enjoyed all of the photos. Happy Spring! Now if it would only feel like Spring...huh?

verna said...

Happy Birthday CHelsea!! What a wonderful story for your life beginning. What a blessing you are to your family--daughter, sister, granddaughter. I can see you are loved and loving! Happy Spring to all!!

nikki said...

Hope Chelsea has a wonderful 18th and a year filled with many, many blessings!

Happy first day of Spring to you, too...

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Happy 18th B-day Chelsea....
Seems like time flies by.. my oldest just turned 18 about a month ago..
it is truly amazing to see how fast they grow up..
Have a Great Week..
Your family is Beautiful..

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Chelsea!!!! She is so beautiful and I know just where she gets her looks, mom! I love everything you wrote and all the great shots. Wonderful tribute to your firstborn. No one ever tells a mom how the time flys. Well, i take that bake, I now recall hearing it allthe time! haha
Don't worry about her not loving work. I was the same way and I turned out great! haha

JShannon said...

I have to tell you that you and Chelsea look like sisters, not mother and daughter ! I love the "work is not a 4 letter word" comment. It took my youngest son over a year and 1/2 to realize that.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't time pass by all to fast..Could you ever have imagined your baby girl wouyld grow up in what felt like a couple of summers? Have fun celebrating!

OH MY #6 said...

she is beautiful! Looks like her mom!


The Byrd Family said...

Happy Birthday Chelsea! My big kids will be 21 and 25 this year....where does the time go??

mommy24treasures said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet baby girl. She will always be your baby :)

AZMom said...

Happy Birthday to Chelsea! What a scary birth story. I am glad it all went well and you have your beautiful daughter to show for it. :-)

Happy first day of spring too. It's 84 here in AZ today.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
I read this the other day but didn't have time to leave a comment. Happy 18th birthday to Chelsea. How beautiful she looks. I see by the first picture that she still enjoys her sippy cup (just joking). It seems like just yesterday she was just a few months old in playgroup. I can't believe it. I really can't believe it.
Take care,

Tiffany said...

Mom and daughter look so beautiful together!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday to Chelsea!!!!!!!
Love the photos and Happy Easter/ Spring!

Sheri said...

Happy 18th Birthday to Chelsea! What a great day to have a birthday (it's mine, too). What an amazing story about her birth and being a survivor. I love the picture of the two of you. Chelsea seems like a wonderful daughter and awesome big sister. May God bless her in the years to come.

P.S. We went to Red Robin, too, for my birthday. How funny is that!

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