Sunday, March 16, 2008

Well, I think I have one of the youngest backseat drivers around. My older 2 did not start backseat driving until they were school age!

"Hey, why are we going down this street? Our house is the other way. You are going the WRONG way!!"

"You need to slow down, I am getting dizzy."
**We get told every couple of minutes to slow down. And no, I don't speed. Ba Ba on the other hand.....**

"The light is green, why aren't we moving yet? Green means go...let's get going"

"You just went through a red means stop. You need to stop"
***And no, we don't run red lights. LOL! She sometimes sees a red light in a turn lane when the strait-a-way is green,**

"We are going too slow. Why are we going slow?"

That's our Ella!!!!!

The picture below is for our bloggy friend Lily over at Lil Bubble Queen. I love the stories of Lily and her pretend friends, because it is like I am reading about Ella! Ella does not play with dolls at all, yet has quite the collection of her stuffed friends. She has birthday parties for them, , plays school with them, takes them places and they all must be in order when Ella is going to sleep. And since she sleeps with us....OUR bed is full of Ella's stuffed friends each night. Each one has to be in a certain place, and one can not be on top of another, because they would get "smooshed". I also love reading about Lily's beloved Spot, because, of course...we have Pup!! The picture below is one of the many parties we have each day. I could not fit all of the animal friends in the photo, but you get the idea. And of course, Pup(the star of the party)is blowing out the candles.



Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

That is so funny! Lauren is our seat belt monitor. We still can't figure out how she knows when we haven't put it on yet. This is something she has done before she could even say "belt". Love the birthday party for Ella's furry friends. She is just a doll!!!

OH MY #6 said...

too, too, funny!


Carmen said...

Ditto here with the backseat driving. I get the same thing with the turn signal greens. And if she doesn't recognize the route I am taking I am sure to get many where are we going? questions.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

That is soooo adorable...
Love Ella's little furry friends...
The backseat driving is tooooo funny..
Have a Great Week..
Happy St.Patty's Day..
Make sure Ella dresses them all in green..LOL...

The Byrd Family said...

Yes, our little Lottie has become a back seat driver also! Hey, it's a great way to learn shapes and colors!

Sharon said...

WOW, what a great animal party! She is quite the hostess! I cannot wait for that!

I loved your story about the back seat driver. The first time I remember ever getting angry with Barrington was over that very incident. He was 4 and told me in a very bossy voice that I had just run a red light (Rt on red) and would not believe me about the rule. URg. Someone told me that if they act like that at 4 you will have easier teen yrs. The jury is still out on that. And even if I end up skating on the teens, the 'know it all' thing has never left my son..hahahah I'm just more adjusted to it now, I guess.

One thing about your daughter...she sure is smart and aware!!

The Princess's Mommy said...

How funny! She is adorable!


mommy24treasures said...

that is funny! She is really paying attention!
Caitlyn doesn't like to stop at redlights and will ask where we are going if the road does not seem familiar.
LOVE the animal pic. VERY SWEET:)

Mob said...

That is hilarious about the back seat drivers.
Love the little party with her pals. We used to have a plastic birthday cake just like that.

Steffie B. said...

how adorable is that????? The back street driver comments were hilarious....gotta love em'! ;)

nikki said...

Cracking up here...yes, you and I seem to be living parallel lives!
If Ella and Lily ever met I think they may be tempted to give up all of their other "friends" for one another!

Debbie said...

That is so funny about her being a back seat driver!! I love it!!

I think the Animal Party is so cute!! I love that picture!!
Of course she is a doll baby anyway!!!


AZMom said...

Your girls are beautiful! My 2 are back seat drivers too and my son is constantly telling me I went the wrong way if I take a different route home.

I have an 8 year old daughter who was born in China and an almost 6 year old son who was born in S. Korea.

Found your blog off the Byrd blog :-)

Donna Geer said...

Hey M.,
Charlie hasn't forgotten about Dave. He'll call soon. He's been busy. Email me if ya want.


Mr.Brian said...

Love it.Glad she is keeping an eye on mommy.
Maybe she should ride with her big brother and sister and tell you how they drive.

Tiffany said...

That is a riot.. we have a little backseat driver as well. She also won't play with dolls but LOVES her Hello Kitty stuffed animals and has many a tea party for them.

Ella is just adorable! I love the pictures!!!!!!

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