Friday, April 18, 2008


Ella: "Why do you always put Sophie to bed first?"

BaBa: "Because it is very easy to put Sophie to only takes a few minutes."

Ella: (very adamently) "I am very easy to put to bed, too!!!"


BaBa: "Oh, your bedtime is very easy alright. First you MUST put your own PJ's on and they have to be ones you like and then you have to brush your own teeth. Next, we have to play a round of Match Game. After that, we read stories of your choice and then the placement of all of your animals begins. They all have to be lined up just so. Sometimes with covers on, sometimes not. Always a bit different, but exactly how you see fit for the day. If any are missing, we have to search the house for them. We can NOT turn lights out until "everyone" is situated just so. Then we have to sing some songs and rock for a bit. And then about 2 hours later, you fall asleep. Very easy indeed! : )
We do love our girl!!!!


Have you ever seen a cuter face? How could such a cute little face be going through such puppy badness? LOL!

We obviously did not get the submissive one of the litter, which is good because that would not have been a good fit for this very active and noisy family. But Daisy is most determined and I am having a hard time finding a way to get across the idea of no biting and no jumping. We have tried the yelping and the walking away and the shaker can and the finger in the throat. Anyone else have any secret tips that they would like to share? We went through this same thing with Katie. Goldens just tend to be very mouthy dogs as part of their nature. So if any of you are dog lovers and have a trick I haven't tried...I would love to hear. Puppy Kindergarten starts next week!

I wish you all a very happy week-end with your families!!!



OH MY #6 said...

Love that puppy!

and, love the nap time story!

U have a great weekend too!


Eileen said...

Oh the puppy!!! ADORABLE!!! I feel your pain. When my dog Chester (Westie, 7 years old) was a puppy I literally cried a lot. His problem wasn't what you're going through, it was potty training. Took him 9 months! Now he is THE BEST dog. I love him so much, and he's very easy!

As for the naptime thing, when Lindsey was younger we had this elaborate naptime routine that took FOREVER. I got so tired of it after awhile. So with Allison, I decided no more of that! I put on her music, tuck her in with her lovies, and say night night. Takes about 30 seconds. Of course now Lindsey sleeps all night, like a log, and Allison doesn't. It's always somethin'! :-)

Have a great day!

mommy24treasures said...

Ella is so funny!;)
My friend that knows tons about dogs always suggests a squirt bottle of cold water. Her dogs are deaf so she had to find ways of training them without noise.
Have a great weekend!

Mob said...

Yes, I love the story about the naptime too. That is quite a process.
The puppy is SO DARN CUTE !!!

Mr.Brian said...

Love the bed time tales.
As for puppy advice no idea, seems I let my dogs train me instead of me train them.
Not a good thing.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

LOVE the puppy training... so much fun...
LOVE the pictures..
Have a Great Weekend..

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Oh my goodness...that is one long bedtime preparation. What a great ba ba!!! That has got to be the cutest puppy I've ever seen!

Retta said...

Awwww. Daisy is adorable! I think our dog finally had to just outgrow the whole puppy play biting thing. I'll need your suggestions in a few months on how to make kids not afraid of dogs because our dog is in the US and Maddie Rae loves dogs from afar, but not when they are near. She is going to have a wake up call having one living in her own house! Ella is so cute. I love all the animals arranged just so. That girl's got some personality! Too funny :)

Steffie B. said...

Cute princess and cute pooch! ;)
Have a great weekend! ;)

~~ said...

Oh, what a precious puppy!! so sweet.... love the bed time tale.. lol

Sharon said...

Stop showing that beautiful dog!!! Kidding, I love it when I get to see him and watch him grow which he is!!!! Such a sweet post on putting her to bed! A perfectionist has been born!!

AZMom said...

Love the puppy!!

And uh gosh, your daughter sounds like mine. Every animal has to arranged just so and each one of her 2 treasured tigers have to have a turn next to her and heaven forbid she forget who was next to her the night before!

Here's the kicker! She's 8! LOL

The Byrd Family said...

Awwww...look at that sweet little face!

Oh yea! Our bedtime ritual is long too! We definately have sleep issues!!!

JShannon said...

Awwww, your puppy is the neatest color ! That is a funny nap time story. Malia is also very easy to put to bed, in fact she loves it! I have never heard of a chid that loves to go to bed as much as she does. I hope Ryan is feeling much better, although I know that kind of injury takes time. Hope all of you are doing well.

Anonymous said...

My cockapoo was a real nipper until I sprayed some listerine in her mouth. If you catch the pup just right and get it in their mouth, it only takes once or twice. The trick is to keep the little spray bottle hidden and come out with it quickly just as the dog starts to nip. Good luck!

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