Saturday, June 28, 2008

Spotlight on Chelsea

It seems like forever since I have posted pictures! I have lots of catching up to do, so be ready for lots of pictures in this post. June was super busy for us and a very exciting time for Chelsea.

She graduated from HS in the early part of June.

Ella is just so proud of her big sis!

All dressed up for graduation

sweet, sweet sisters!

Let's hear it for the girls!

Then it was time to celebrate with a's the cake

If you drove by our house that night, this is what you would see! Yes, the neighbors were all watching out their windows and we were happy to have many of them come over for the fun!

Yes, by special request(Chelsea's) she had a Disney Princess moon- bounce at her party

and it was a big hit for the young and old and even older! We had to take shifts...big ones and then little ones and so on.

Ella and her friend Maria

Chelsea had her last dance recital. She has danced since she was 3 years old...making this 15 years of dancing. Way to go, Chels!!!!!

See how proud Ella is?

The dance star with her cousin, Hanna!

and with her grandparents

and with Mom, who isn't looking too swift here, but as they say is what it is. LOL!

and finally...this is where we spent our day, today. Moving her into her dorm. Sob, sob!
The dorm rooms were much bigger than we had thought they would be. Yay!
Chelsea is blessed to have a very sweet girl named Kim as her room mate!! And as coincidence or as I like to call God incidents would have it....Kim has 3 older brothers AND 2 sisters adopted from China! They are 6 year old twins. How cool is that??

just some cuteness for your viewing pleasure

Chels checking things out.....

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Ella is soooo sad that her Sissy is not coming home with us. She has been telling me for a month that she doesn't want Chelsea to go to college. The good thing is that Chelsea is in the summer/winter program. So after the summer session, she will come home for a few months before returning. She will take local classes for those few months. It will help us all ease into this!!!
Chels....we love you so much and are just so proud of what a special young lady you have grown to be!!!! Study hard!!! Love ya!

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