Thursday, July 31, 2008

One Year Ago Today......

It was one year ago today that we met a very frail, very scared, very withdrawn and very angry little girl. We signed papers swearing to love her forever and raise her as she was a child born unto us. We knew then that there were things just not right with this little one who was obviously neglected and so severely malnourished that I could not look directly at her when I undressed her. We knew there was a health issue(turned out to be untreated Giardia) but also knew there was much more going on and a strong possibility that she might be autistic. We had no idea what the future held for her, but I clung onto my faith in knowing that this child was hand picked by God to be part of our family....and no matter what...THAT she would be. She was ours. It is His plan, not ours.

"I don't think I am going to like this"

And so the struggle began.....

She fought.......

and squirmed.......(see my hands locked together trying to keep a hold of her)

"I can't seeee you"

It's okay....she's not that bad, REALLY she's not!

see how rigid she is while I am holding her.....

I added this photo so you could see what I was referring to with her malnourishment.....her shirt is lifted slightly. It is actually much worse in the diaper area. : (

Oh, how this sad face tells a that we would learn more of in the year that followed

It has been a long and hard road this past year. I have struggled more than I ever have.....felt like the walls were closing in on me on many occasions. God knew what this year would hold for us and He never gives something to us without giving us whatever we may need to get us through it. For this past year, he made sure that I was surrounded by friends who held me up and who prayed/pray without ceasing for Sophie's healing. They are angels sent straight through Him.

One of our Pastors has always preached that one of our first prayer requests upon waking in the morning, should be asking God to help us draw nearer to him. That has been what I have always prayed for. Now, without trials and without storms....where would we be in our Faith walk? I believe we would be quite stationery.
I want all of my prayer warriors to know that Dave and I have both seen some very positive changes in these past 2 weeks with Sophie. He is hearing us and He is faithful! My will be getting an e-mail very soon from me more in detail about this.
I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted from my back and I feel so hopeful. We still have a looong road ahead of us, but that is okay. He got us through this year and He will get us through the next. Faith, love, perseverance and hope. This child will surely help me grow in ways I never would have thought possible.
Dear, sweet Sophie....we have made it!! And you are finally starting to see that she(Mama) is really not that bad! : )

We were at the pool today and it is a beautiful day here. Bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds, sun is shining. I was sitting there and thinking about what I have just shared with you. I look up in the sky and I see a rainbow in between 2 fluffy white clouds! I could not believe my eyes! There was NO logical reason for a rainbow to be in the sky in this type of weather. I kept staring at it and it was only there long enough for me to call Ella over to see it. I was stunned until I realized that it was too much of a coincidence for this to happen while I was thinking about this past year with Sophie. A rainbow is God's promise to us and whether the conditions were right for a rainbow to be in the sky or not....He placed it there for that exact moment!!! Amen, Amen and Amen!!!

My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken. (Psalm 62:1-2)


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Welcome Home Sissy and Ryan!!

Ryan was away all week at camp and with Chelsea at college....Ella has been soooo missing her big brother and sister. She was beside herself with excitement when we told her Ryan was coming home from camp last night and Chelsea would be also coming home for the week-end!!


We belong to the local community pool which the girls love, but we only get the a couple of times a week. We have this cheap little plastic pool, which they actually have lots of fun in. You will notice Sophie's eyes squinting in most of the pictures.....she had her eyes dialated earlier in the day. We atre patching again with her as the eye that was surgically corrected for an inwardturn, has now developed an outward turn as well as a vertical the patching is back. We think she will most likely need another surgery to correct it, but the opth. wants to see what the patching will do. He is very conservative and I appreciate that.

Now, on to a completely different subject.....I am trying to lose some of the weight I gained in this past year and trying to really eat healthier altogether. I don't consider myself a bad eater...but I could be better. My question....whenever I go to the fish market I am kind of lost as to what types of fish to buy and how to cook it. I f anyone has any good recipes to share, I would love that!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Animals and Cameras

My son, Ryan, said to me the other day...."Mom...why are all the animals in our house a little strange?" I told him....they are not strange...all animals can act a little crazy sometimes. As I was shooting this next picture, I figured I would have to take that back. Where else would you find a cat and and bird sharing food and better yet...sharing a piece of BOLOGNA! : )

P7190175I purchased a new camera and I am so excited! I bought a new one at Christmas time, but it still wasn't doing what I this time, I got a SLR. Now, I just have to figure out how to use it outside of the basic modes. Here are some close-ups of Sophie that I got when I was playing with it a little. It is a bit intimidating...but I will figure it all out one of these days. Denise, I will let you know if I find any new tricks. : )





Last, I leave you with this verse. Carmen is a friend of mine who adopted a little girl from the same SWI that Sophie is from. She is my sister in Christ who is always so very supportive. She shared this verse with me earlier and I wanted to share it with you. We all face trials.......

Have a wonderful week!!!!!

James 1:2-4

2Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. 4Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything


Saturday, July 19, 2008


I was one of the winners of a blog give away a few months ago and received this great magazine in the mail the other day. Thanks so much Lynn for this subscription....I am sure to enjoy it!

Below are pictures of Raggedy Chen dolls that my dear friend Nancy made for the girls. are very creative....and I thank-you from the bottom of my heart for making these for the girls....they are so sweet!!!!



This is another hand made creation given to me by a friend of ours...made by one of her friends. Isn't she adorable? She has a matching hairbow in her hair also, that you can't see here.

Below are some pictures of Ella modeling the new shirt we just sweet! Lynn is making these tops and you can visit her sewing site here. Lynn, we love the top and you can feel free to use any of the pictures here.







Happy week-end to everyone.....enjoy the time with your families!!!!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our Week-end


Here is a week-end re-cap......we met some of our blogging friends over the week-end. As I mentioned earlier, they used the same adoption agency as us and we live a bit of a drive away...but were sooo happy to get to meet them! April and her girls Lauren and Paige. Lauren and Paige are both heart babies, like our Ella! What a sweet, beautiful family they are and we look forward to being able to get together with them again!!! Now, sometimes I have a hard time narrowing down which pictures to you will get lots today. : ) The little cutie in the green bathing suit is Lauren...she is Ella's age and they had lots of fun on the rides together. Oh, and April was so thoughtful and sent the girls these t-shirts a few weeks ago. How cute are they all in their matching purple shirts???


















I had to share this picture with you...just had to. Sophie wearing
cornstarch. Why, you ask? Well, she got into the vaseline and covered herself and her room in it. If you have not had the experience of getting vaseline out of hair...count yourself lucky! What a mess. I looked on-line and the common suggestion was to use corn starch. After cornstarching 3 times and shampooing about 10 times, I was getting discouraged. Finally on the 4th. try of cornstarch...most of it is gone. Make this mental note in case you ever have this mess on your hands.

Going from toddlers to boy pierced his ear over the week-end. We told him we were not allowing him to get his ear pierced and he would have to wait until he was 18. So, he took it upon himself to have his friends do it for him. My husband keeps telling him that he is going to remove it one night while he is asleep. So, Ryan is now sleeping with his door locked and one eye opened. Dave isn't going to do that(I don't think, anyway!) but it is fun to have Ryan worrying about it after he chose not to listen to us! LOL!

Happy Tuesday to you!!!!

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