Friday, July 11, 2008

I Can Do It...MYSELF!!


Does anyone else with a 3-4 year old have an independence thing going on at your home? We must hear 50 times a day, "I CAN DO IT MYSELF!!!!" My Ella who could be the poster child for the term Hunan Spicy Girl is insistent that she does everything on her own these days
and gets M A D as can be if we try to assist her with the task at hand. This is all good if we are not on a schedule or running late for something...but we usually are! Is this a familiar scene at anyone else's home?

Ella, Ella quite does your garden grow??

sweeping the mulch away

and with a little digging

this is hard work!


Ba Ba can you fill my water can so I can water my pretty flowers?
Notice Daisy puppy in the background....who must be in the middle of everything?



O.K.,'s your turn to water!

See how big our little puppy has grown? She is almost 6 months old and will probably grow to about double the size she is now.

I hope you all have a wonderful week-end!! We are meeting friends at a children's amusement park over the week-end and are really looking forward to it! They have teens and then 2 little girls from China just like us and they used the same adoption agency as we we can't wait to meet them! Ella is soooo excited!

On a side note....for a bit of a complicated reason, I have decided to remove my RAD posts from this blog and will be putting them on my test blog that will be set to private. Please contact me if there is anyone you know who would like to read them or you feel would be a help to someone. That was the whole idea behind them. Dealing with RAD can be a lonely I wanted to help others feel not-so-alone. I have no answers...but I am happy to be an emotional support to anyone in need.

Blessings and happy week-end to you!!!!!!



mommy24treasures said...

love this post. Beautiful pics. I hope you have a wonderful time with your friends.
I think you are smart to move your posts now. Though I thank you so much for your honesty. I am quite sure you have helped so many. I don't think we ever will find a fellow parent with all the answers and hope no one was unkind or judgemental. I just love that we can all learn from one another and pray for one another and draw strength and wisdom from each other. Big Hugs

Shawnstribe said...

Aww, Michelle
what a beautiful Post.
I love the puppy with the watering can.
Aila Mei is always do it!!!!
sometimes it drives me nuts!!!!

Shawnstribe said...

ps Michelle
i think we are dealing with some RAD and have joined the attach China site...please would you consider me as a reader on your private blog?

Kristin said...

Oh yes, I have two "I can do it myself" girls! Depending on the event at hand, I can sometimes bribe them to let me take over but not always.

As usual, beautiful pictures!!

Have fun this weekend! I love meeting up with families with teens and little ones. Makes me feel like I'm not the only crazy one. :-)

Grace said...

Hey Girlfriend.....

If you wouldn't mind, I would love to continue reading about your journey with Sophia. I am so proud of you! The Lord gave the right child to the right parent!


missy said...


I just loved these photos of Ella. She might be independent, but I know she still loves her mommy : ) The gardening pictures are sooo sweet. Our Paige has a green thumb, too.

I agree with Connie. You have no doubt helped many others by posting your experience with RAD. I think you are very brave and I am honored to "know" you. I pray for you all every night.


Jewels of My Heart said...

What a sweet post. Ella is just beautiful and it looks like you have your camera mastered already! Well, after the planting of those beautiful flowers and her management skills with the hired help (pup) I'm thinkin' she can do it herself! hehee
Hope you have a wonderful time with your friends.
You know you are in my prayers.

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

I have a 2 year old with the same attitude. She says "Laurlens turn" and if she is not allowed to take her "turn" a tantrum follows. SWEET photos of Ella! She has such a nice tan! I couldn't believe how big Daisy is getting!! Have a great weekend and enjoy the time with your friends!!!

Steffie B. said...

Love this was darling.are you using the new camera yet? ;)

Have a great weekend....

The Byrd Family said...

I love the pictures of her little fingers working so hard! Little Kennedy (21 months) is giving me the worst time..."I do it Momma"! Even with fastening her diaper! Ugh!!!! You are right it takes forever to get anything done!

Janet said...

Michelle, I've been following this blog not just for the beautiful pix of your family, but especially so once you started to share your experiences with RAD. We are waiting and waiting for our referral for our 2nd daughter, and I've so appreciated learning more specifics about RAD and how it can be demonstrated. I'd appreciate being part of your continuing private blog. Please email me w/ questions if you're not sure about me! Blessings, Janet

my3 kids said...

What a wonderful post Michelle. I just love the pictures of Ella planting her flower and the pup helping to water it. Emma is sitting on my lap and laughed when she saw the puppy with the watering can in her mouth. Too cute. Hope you have a wonderful time meeting your new friends and please do share pictures. I too hope that no one was unkind to you about your RAD post as I learned alot and I am sure many others did too:) Hugs my friend

verna said...

Such great pictures. We have 2 "do it myself" Kiddos. That puppy is getting so big!! Hope all is going well there. Love your new look!! Hope things are going a bit better these days. Hugs from MN - v

Sherri said...


We have the "I do it myself" syndrome here......until it's time to clean up their toys! Then it's too hard for them to do.....this child with only one arm who will sit for 30 minutes trying to fold a towel cannot pick up her play kitchen things.

I would like to be a part of the new private blog. Everyone's going private these days. Anyway, I hope you will add me to the new blog.

I love the pictures. And I just HAVE to say that I see the dancer in Ella in the picture where she is watering and has her little toe pointed. She's a natural. You're hereby sentenced to another lifetime of dance recitals!


JShannon said...

Nice pictures ! Have fun this weekend, areyou going to Knobles?

Michelle said...

The "me do it" it phase seems to start around age two around here. What is it with asserting independence at such an early age? Don't they understand to milk someone helping them for as long as they can? :-)

I love all your new pics and am amused by your dog watering the plants. I can't say I've ever seen that one before.

I know you have already helped so many, and will continue to do so, with your honesty and information about RAD. I am still praying for you all!

nikki said...

Hey Michelle!
Hope you are enjoying your time this weekend with special friends...look forward to hearing all about it.

And, yes, you know I can relate to a life with a spicy Hunan girl.
She looks beautiful watering her does Daisy!!!

chelsea said...

ella is so cute i miss her :(

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

I have a feeling that the "I can do it...myself" period will be arriving soon around out house! Beautiful pics!

Paula said...

Ella looks like she really likes to garden, I could use a little helper like that! The pic of Daisy with the watering can is sure cute.
I don't blame you for putting the RAD posts private, there's too many know it all anonymous commenters out there !!

Tiffany said...

Love all the pictures.... They are all wonderful!!!!!!! Are these with your new camera?

OH MY we do have the I CAN DO IT MYSELF from 2 of them... ahhhhh....

Denise C said...

Oh I love all the beautiful pictures of sweet Ella and Daisy too! Two sweet "buddies"!
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers sweet friend!!!
Have fun at the amusement park with your dear friends!!

AZMom said...

Sorry to hear you are having to move your posts but I can understand why. I have had a few friends who have had to set their blogs to private due to unscrupulous characters making comments. Big hugs to you!!

Love the pictures and love Ella's crocs!! And the one of the dog watering is too funny!


I have a 4 year old and an almost 3 year old who inform me daily that they can do it all ... i am wondering when they can do the dishes, laundry, and clean toilets ALL ON THEIR OWN ... I agree about the whole HUNAN SPICY GIRL THING ... but I wonder if that will hold up in court

Colleen said...

Just found your blog off of someone else's and am so glad I did! I will enjoy stopping back again!
The girls are adorable! I LOVE the picture of your puppy with the water can! Too cute:)(and love your In Memory photo of your doggie on the side)We lost our first Golden several years ago at the age of 14. They are part of the family!
I would be interested in your RAD blog. My daughter is 5 now and although she never had RAD we dealt with many attachment issues. We have had to work extremely hard with these issues over the last few years. I understand how draining and emotional some days can be.....but oh so worth it!:)

Tamara said...

Your blog is one of my favorites- The pictures are beautiful! My Moose is 3 years old and is pretty laid back- but the Goose is 2.5 and is a Hunan Spicy Girl- and she can "do it myself"- she has been home almost 6 months so her language is not always there- but she lets you know in no uncertain terms that she will do it.

redmaryjanes said...

Oh yes...Eli is 3.5 years old and always wants to do it by himself! So, I can completely relate.

I do not blame you for keeping a separate blog to discuss the RAD issues, but I do believe that it has helped many because they were able to read about your situation. You are not alone.

Eileen said...

My dog is always sneaking himself into my pics!

Lindsey isn't too bad about "do it myself" but she likes to buckle herself into her carseat (I always double check to make sure it is secure though!) Allison is the same.

Love the beautiful pictures.

Barrington said...

Such a sweet post! (we have that watering can!!haha) I love having kid stuff around again! I actually came looking for those posts yesterday or the day before! John asked what RAD looked like and I couldn't think of specifics. We have a local FCC child who has come through succesfully.

I wish I had more time to pay more attention to what I am reading! Do your kids ever complain?? How are other moms doing this!? You must never sleep!! hahha

OH MY #6 said...

great photos. the puppy is getting so big.


Bella's momma said...

what a precious post. Your honesty has been wonderful! I hope that even going private you will be able to continue to help others.

Have fun with your friends this weekend!!!

Lisa said...

I love the pictures. I have one of those Hunan Spicy Girls at my house too. LOL Your Daisy is growing to a big doggy too.

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