Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our Week-end


Here is a week-end re-cap......we met some of our blogging friends over the week-end. As I mentioned earlier, they used the same adoption agency as us and we live a bit of a drive away...but were sooo happy to get to meet them! April and her girls Lauren and Paige. Lauren and Paige are both heart babies, like our Ella! What a sweet, beautiful family they are and we look forward to being able to get together with them again!!! Now, sometimes I have a hard time narrowing down which pictures to post....so you will get lots today. : ) The little cutie in the green bathing suit is Lauren...she is Ella's age and they had lots of fun on the rides together. Oh, and April was so thoughtful and sent the girls these t-shirts a few weeks ago. How cute are they all in their matching purple shirts???


















I had to share this picture with you...just had to. Sophie wearing
cornstarch. Why, you ask? Well, she got into the vaseline and covered herself and her room in it. If you have not had the experience of getting vaseline out of hair...count yourself lucky! What a mess. I looked on-line and the common suggestion was to use corn starch. After cornstarching 3 times and shampooing about 10 times, I was getting discouraged. Finally on the 4th. try of cornstarch...most of it is gone. Make this mental note in case you ever have this mess on your hands.

Going from toddlers to teens...my boy pierced his ear over the week-end. We told him we were not allowing him to get his ear pierced and he would have to wait until he was 18. So, he took it upon himself to have his friends do it for him. My husband keeps telling him that he is going to remove it one night while he is asleep. So, Ryan is now sleeping with his door locked and one eye opened. Dave isn't going to do that(I don't think, anyway!) but it is fun to have Ryan worrying about it after he chose not to listen to us! LOL!

Happy Tuesday to you!!!!



Michelle said...

What great pictures of the four beautiful girls!! It looks like they had a blast.

Vaseline? That had to have been one mess! :-)

Eileen said...

Toddlers and teens - hey that's my life! :-)

Great pics! Looks like everyone had a great time!

Vaseline? Ugh! I can count my blessings that so far none of my kids did that trick. Of course Allison gets into *everything else* under the sun though.

mommy24treasures said...

ohhh teenagers are stinkers sometimes...
I used some dr pepper which one of my hairdressing friends recommended when we had the vaseline issue. It worked pretty well.
Love all the pics of your weekend. Glad you had some fun.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

LOVE the pictures...
Looks like everyone had soooo much fun...
Okay.. the vaseline is not a good thing.. but at least now we know how to get it out..

Sherri said...


I so wish we lived close together. I love your life because it's so close to mine!

I just had to laugh about the vaseline. You must look on my blog for the entries about poison control!
I just can't stop laughing. I know you weren't laughing at the time....but it is so funny. I'm so glad you got pictures.

And about your son.....at least it's his EAR that he pierced. It COULD have been worse. You just have to pick your battles. He can always take it out when he grows up.....just hope he doesn't put one of those stretchy things in that stretches his ear lobes out. That's gross.

I loved the pictures! I want to go where you guys went. It looks fun!


Sharon said...

Such amazing shots and so glad you had a get together with others from your agency! I am not looking forwardto the messes but I know one or more will pop up. And I tell you we are living parelle lives..Britton had her upper ear peirced yesterday for her bday. I hate it, she had begged for two years and finally caved becasue she came home a few times teeling us she had been close to doing it in the bathrm at her'christian'!!! school..URG. She promises no tattooes! I would really die.

I had read down to Chelsea's prom the other day and then could nt geto on to commetn but i wanted to say how GORGEOUS she was in that hair and dress. OMGosh!! She is just a stunning girl.

When you get a chance if you email me again, since i can't rmermber yours, I wanted to tell you something but it is not urgent at all.

LOVe to you,

Tiffany said...

What wonderful photos of such beautiful girls. It looks like everyone had a great time.

I hope I don't have to use any remedies for vaseline in the hair....AHHHHHH

Oh I am so not looking forward to the teenage years.

Love all the photos Michelle... they are so colorful and the purple shirts are too cute.


missy said...


These are GREAT photos!!! What a blessing to meet blogger buddies and enjoy some fun together. All four girls are just beautiful. I love Ella's bathing suit. Too cute!

Sorry about the Vaseline incident. Paige put it in her hair as a toddler and we used cornstarch, too. It was such a mess. Looks like Miss Sophia was taking it all in stride : )

Kristin said...

I was hoping for an update from seeing April and her girls! What great photos! Wish we still lived in PA so we could have been there too. Maybe one day we'll visit my in-laws (instead of having them come here) so we can really meet in person.

Oh may. The ear piercing thing got to me today. Katie is wanting her belly button pierced which is really freaking me out. I can handle the ear (even the upper part) but not the belly button. Fortuntely, you have to be 18 in GA to do that so I'm "safe" for a year. She is too chicken to have a friend do it.

Isn't parenting teens and toddlers so much fun???? You never know what might happen next!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

How adorable! Even the cornstarch!


my3 kids said...

What wonderful pictures of all the girls together. Little Lauren is much smaller then your Ella it looks like. Very pretty girls...all 4 of them! Love their t-shirts too. I know what you are going through with the whole earring thing...Our son Kyle just had his ear pierced and it was not something his dad or I wanted him to do but at least it is only his ear and ONLY one year as it seems the common thing to do is both around here anyway but no way! Yikes, about the vaseline....what a mess and how did your Sophie handle all that washing etc.?? Little monkey

Denise C said...

Great pictures of a fun trip!!
Oh my....Vaseline??? Glad to know you got it out....oh dear!
Reading about your son...makes me wonder what my Chelsi will want to pierce?!?!?!
Love ya Friend!!!

P.s. any new camera tricks you can teach me?!?!?! *wink*!

Anonymous said...

Oh those teen boys! I am right with there with you! Let them sleep with an eye open, no harm done :)!!

How fun this day sounds! I just saw your email and will send you an invite.

A Mother Singing

OH MY #6 said...

did you get a new camera? these pictures are AWESOME!


The Byrd Family said...

What a wonderful time you all had! I would just love to spend some time with blog friends! Praying Sophie had an okay time with all of the fun....I know how that can go sometimes!

Ewwww....vaseline? Yuck!

Shawnstribe said...

what a great weekend
The girls are so so beautiful!!!!
i just get all filled up with emotion!!!
We are so so so blessed: )
sorry bout all the vaseline....i would cry i think ; (
these disasters always leave me in meltdown ; (

Paula said...

Love the pics, especially the one with their little heads sticking through the picture. So cute.
I know all about the piercing thing. My older daughter got a nose and a belly button piercing. At least they can let those grow over if they don't like them later on.

Beverly said...

Such cute pics of the girls. Love the hand holding pics.

AZMom said...

What great pictures! That place looks like loads of fun!!!

Vaseline? Ick! I hope the rest comes out soon!

Somewhere In The Sun said...

What a wonderful get-together! The girls all look so cute in their matching shirts.

Thanks for the cornstarch tip...I'm surprised we haven't had that happen already!!

Well, I'm right there with you...Ben had his friends pierce his ear 2 weeks ago! We had the same 18 years old rule too. I guess after 17 they don't listen!


redmaryjanes said...

What a beautiful bunch of little girls! They are just darling.
Corn starch and a pierced ear. I tell you...a mother's job is never done.

Andrea Nielsen said...

Love the pictures Michelle. Paige is from the same SWI that my Lillie is from and i thought those were your girls on their blog! It looks like great fun and I know it is nice to get to spend time with another adoptive family!
The cornstarch picture is cute....reminds me of Lillie and her powder. I have to keep powder around the house for putting her prosthetic on. If she finds it, there is usually a huge cloud of powder that soon occurs! good to know about the vaseline...i am sure we will have that occur sometime too!
Hope all is going well with you all. I know the piercings will probably come with time here too


Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

It looks like everyone had a great time!!! How blessed that you were able to meet April and her precious girls. There are so many people in the adoption community that I hope to one day meet...you are at the top of my list!!! Vaseline in the hair does NOT sound fun..oh my!!! Have a great day!

Lisa said...

Oh, teenagers! You gotta love them. We have one that kids us all the time about wanting an ear pierced.
It is so much fun getting with new friends. I love all the pictures of the girls. It looks like they had a great time.
The vaseline thing sounds like a mess!

Steffie B. said...

all the girls look darling!!!! you must have been in China Princess Heaven! ;)

Denise C said...

I just wanted to say thank you for the sweet anniversary wishes you left for my parents! You are so sweet!!!

GGAdventures said...

What a fun weekend! Such cute girls! Vaseline? Yuck! Glad you got it out.

Bella's momma said...


That incredible photos and precious little girls!!!

I bet it was a treat to have them all together!!!

Have a fantastic weekend,


Walker said...

Oh, it's fun to meet up with friends isn't it?! The pictures are great & I love the one below too.. my fav. is Daisy holding the watering can! TEE HEE! cute.. cute.. cute!

nikki said...

Looks like SUCH a fun weekend!
The girls are just as cute as can be...and your son...well, what can ya do?

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