Saturday, July 19, 2008


I was one of the winners of a blog give away a few months ago and received this great magazine in the mail the other day. Thanks so much Lynn for this subscription....I am sure to enjoy it!

Below are pictures of Raggedy Chen dolls that my dear friend Nancy made for the girls. are very creative....and I thank-you from the bottom of my heart for making these for the girls....they are so sweet!!!!



This is another hand made creation given to me by a friend of ours...made by one of her friends. Isn't she adorable? She has a matching hairbow in her hair also, that you can't see here.

Below are some pictures of Ella modeling the new shirt we just sweet! Lynn is making these tops and you can visit her sewing site here. Lynn, we love the top and you can feel free to use any of the pictures here.







Happy week-end to everyone.....enjoy the time with your families!!!!



my3 kids said...

Michelle what lovely dolls..they are so sweet and that top Ella is wearing is too darn cute! What talented friends you have. I wish I was more talented:)

Michelle said...

Ella is a beautiful model!! She looks great in Lynn's top. One is in the mail for Mia and should be getting it any day. I love the dolls, too. What nice friends you have!

Sherri said...

Raggedy Chen! That is too cute! Once upon a time I used to make Raggedy Ann dolls. Maybe I should do a couple of these!

Ella is adorable. What great hair she has! And the top is so cute too.


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...


Shawnstribe said...

wow what photos!!!!
Ella is stunning and the top complemets her so beautifully :)

wish you guys could pop over for scones and cream: )

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the magazine.. I too was a lucky winner... great idea's....
The shirt is sooooo adoarable... and those little Raggedy Ann dolls are beautiful...
Does she sell them..
Have a Great Weekend...

Somewhere In The Sun said...

I'm so glad you finally got the magazine! It only took FOREVER! :)

I love the dolls and the name is so cute too. It's so hard to find Asian dolls.

Miss Ella looks so adorable! I love the picture of her with the leaf and especially the one with her hand on her hip. She's just beautiful....I wish I had her hair!
So glad you like the top!


missy said...

Such cute dolls! I love the Raggedy Chen...creative : )

I also love the shirt! I wish Paige was still little and could wear those cuties.

Ella is a gorgeous little model!

Paula said...

I love those tops really cute. The dolls are adorable (even the model)

JinXiu said...

I love the dools. They are so sweet. Does your friend have a business.

your doaughter looks so cute in her outfit. what a beauty


super cute top ... i just love to see how talented so many are ... i have to say if your friend who makes the dolls is in business please let me know ... i was a huge Raggedy Ann doll when i was a kid ...

Hope your weekend as been good so far ... blessings for your Sunday !!!

mommy24treasures said...

Ellas has such beautiful hair!
Such a pretty girl.
Love the dolls and yes Lynn is super talented!

Colleen said...

Ella looks adorable in her new shirt! Her hair is so pretty! I've thought about trying to let Faith's bangs grow out, but once they start falling in her eyes I give up!:)

Denise C said...

OH Miss Ella is precious in that little top!!! I just love it! You are getting to be a pro behind the camera, MOM!
Those little dolls are so cute as well! Fun stuff! Thanks for sharing!
Love, Denise

Tamara said...

Michelle- Love the dolls! They are great. Ella looks just beautiful in that top. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my Mom will start sewing some outfits like that. I have two left hands and am right handed. I have the e-books for the instructions on how to make the bows. She makes all of them- I don't know who sells them- EBay might have some vendors - but I have never bought any off eBay or anywhere else.
Let me know about the E-book.

Jewels of My Heart said...

How sweet of your friends to make the wonderful dolls for your girls. I love the pics of Ella in her fabulous Lynn top! I LOVE that top!

Lisa said...

The dolls are precious! Your friend did a great job. I love the top that Lynn made for her. Very Cute!

nikki said...

That shirt has me drooling! TOOOOOO Cute!
(and, of course, the cutie-pie wearing it makes me melt too!)

Love the dolls, too. Very sweet.

Hope you have a wonderful week.

redmaryjanes said...

That top is darling! Lynn is really talented!

The Byrd Family said...

Ella is looking a little sassy in that last picture! So cute!!! I LOVE that magazine. Connie bought me a subscription and it has lots and lots of wonderful articles!

Mom To Six said...


I subscribe to Family Fun and love it!! What a great idea for giveaway.

And I can't sign off without telling you that Ella looks adorable sporting that cute top. I love her hair!!!

I'm finally catching up on my fav blogs. :)



AZMom said...

CUTE top! Love the modeling phots. She is really a pretty little girl.

The raggedy dolls are cute. My great aunt made my sister and I a set when we were kids that were about 4 ft big. I still have mine. :-)

Have a great week!

Ronda said...

Those dolls are beautiful-what a great friend. She should sell them. I just bought my Ella a top from Lynn-I hope my Ella is as beautiful in her top as your Ella is. Great pictures!

~~ said...

Ella is an excellent model... here hair is getting so long now!

Sheri said...

How cute and creative to make Raggedy Chen dolls! Love it. The top is adorable, as is the model.

Marla said...

What a cute little model, love the top and the dolls. Lynn is one talented mommy.

Steffie B. said...

oh my achin word....I WANT some of those dolls! ;)

Steffie B. said...

How do I get in touch with Nancy?

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