Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pup is showing his age.....

Many of you know who Pup is, but for those who do not know can visit here to learn more about the ever important Pup.

About a year ago, when we realized Pup was not just a passing phase and knowing that we would be in some HUGE trouble if he ever got left behind, I searched the internet and was able to find a place that sold Pup...and I bought 2 extra. Well, I put them up in my closet, well hidden, when they arrived.....just in case the "real" Pup was ever lost or destroyed. What I should have done was start rotating them....but the thought never occurred to me until I recently read that this is what another smart Mommy did!

When we were packing to go on vacation....we were packing late in the evening and to leave early the next morning. Dave wanted to pack Pup, but Ella could not part with him when she went to sleep. So, Dave decides to pack him once Ella had fallen asleep. He had the idea of taking one of the other pups(never unpacked) from my closet and putting it in Ella's arms for when she woke in the morning. First he pulls it out of the package and has this puzzled look on his face. "THIS is what Pup used to look like??" lol! Yes, that is how he used to look! So, he does the switch and we wait to see what her reaction would be when she awoke. Oh, talk about heartbreaking! She wakes with the impostor pup in her arms. After a few minutes, she holds it out at arms length and starts feeling it. She gets this lost look on her face and asks in the saddest most serious voice I have ever heard from her, "What HAPPENED?" So, we try telling her Pup got a bath which she so wisely informed us that "Pup can not walk". Silly us! She told me that Pup's fur does not feel this way. (soft and clean!)She just kept staring at it and repeatedly asking me what happened...then the tears started to fill her eyes. We finally had to tell her the real Pup was packed and ready to go, and this was Pup's brother who was filling in for him. Oh, did she breathe a sigh of relief to hear this news! Poor thing!!!
So, back to stinky, not so soft, Pup we are. I do throw him through the wash often, but he is really getting to the point that I do not know how many more washings he will hold up to. Poor little guy! You know, it's funny....I had thought a few times over the past year of switching him out with a new one overnight, but I felt almost like it would be a betrayal to the "real" pup and so I did not! ha! I guess after
2 1/2 years of having Pup with us for everything.....maybe I am also attached to the stinky little guy. : ) Honestly, I have to keep an eye on him wherever we are just like an extra kid to ensure he does not get misplaced or forgotten.


My two little ones are quite funny these days. I find when they have their own little discussions with one another....they are hilarious! They are not trying to be funny, in fact many of their conversations are centered around things that are quite serious to them....but oh, how they make me laugh sometimes! I will share this moment with you.

Last night we were taking our walk. I was pushing the girls in the double stroller with Daisy right along side of us on a leash. Why the pounds are not melting off of me with that daily workout is beyond me! Anyway, we pass by a lady who has dropped something. I tell her this as we pass her. She picks up the item and then is close behind us as we are going on our way.

Sophie: "Ella, why is Mommy talking to that man?" (Mom trying to speed up now!)

Ella: "Sophie, that is not a man"! (Mom thinks, whew!)

Sophie: "Ella, that looks like a man".

Ella: "Sophie, that is NOT a man. It is an OLD lady". (Mom speeding up again)

I am trying to quietly tell Ella(the lady...who is not THAT old... is close behind us) that we can just call her a lady and do not need to say she is an old lady, in which she replies.....

"But Mommy, she is a VERY OLD lady....look at her. She is OLD"!!! Oh, my!

Have a wonderful Labor Day week-end and enjoy the time with your families!!!!



Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's Done!!


Ella's 100 Good Wishes Quilt is finally done...woohoo!!! Can you tell how excited we are about this?! I started collecting her squares back when we were DTC for her, which was almost exactly 3 years ago. The squares have sat.... and then were shipped to another state to be sewn into a quilt....then shipped back after sitting for more months as the lady could not do the quilt....then they sat for some more. Finally, my MIL sewed the squares together and then a church group did the quilting and my MIL finished it off for us. So, you will see why we are so happy that it is finally done. It is nothing fancy as far as quilts go, but I can not sew at all so had to find people to help, which is harder than it sounds. Anyway, we are just so happy to have it done and I will say this....the good side to it taking so long to get done is that Ella was very much a part of watching HER quilt be put together and she just loves it! Sophie's is being quilted as we speak, so she will have her own quilt to enjoy!





As we were anxiously collecting squares for Ella's quilt and waiting for her referral and then our TA, we were unaware that she... was... at the very same time... undergoing open heart surgery in China. Her heart surgery was funded by a non-profit organization called, The Tomorrow Plan. There are so many babies in China that need life saving surgeries and all though there are many organizations that help fund these surgeries...there still is not enough funding to help all of the children that need it and all of the children that deserve a chance at a tomorrow.

If you have not had the privilege of visiting this auction.....please do!! The dress below was just donated...isn't it beautiful! Won't you please visit the auction and bid on one of the many items listed and know that you will be helping one of the children who so need your help!

Hope your week-end is wonderful!!!!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

FYI and More Beach Fun

I received our first copy of News China last week and was really happy with it! For those who have not yet heard about this brand new magazine...they are offering complimentary one year can learn more about it here. OR you can send them an e-mail Put China News Week in the subject line and request your complimentary subscription...OR call them @ 212-481-2510

I have to laugh at myself here as I do not even have the time to read about the news where I live...I always tell Dave to keep me up-to-date if something big is going on. I think it is just something about having as much info as I can about my daughter's birth country.

Here are some more beach pics......



These were taken in the evening when we went down to the beach to fly a kite.....Ella really wanted to fly a kite and there just did not seem to be enough hours in the day...the night pics turned out kind of neat, though!





Brother and sister LOVE!!! Or something like that : )

Ella getting a better view from her Uncle Paul's shoulder's

Ella is oh, so happy to be holding onto Joe's hand...see her skipping along!




These are for my friend, April. She made the dress that Ella is wearing here while she collects seashells.....isn't is sweet? Each summer that we go to the beach, Ella and I go down to the beach early in the morning of the last day we are there....and spend some time together collecting shells. Now, in all of her spiciness......she threw out any of the shells I put into her bucket and told me they were no good. Gotta love her!!!






Thanks for allowing me to share so many beach pictures with you! I did not get any of the 4 of my kids together from my own camera as we had professional pics taken at the beach while we were there. My older 2 are not so cooperative with photo shoots these I couldn't ask
them for 2 days of pics...well, I could, but the answer would not be "yes". lol!



Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fun in the Sand

We are back from Ocean City and had a really nice time away. It seems like we are all always going in different it was nice to all be in the same place together while enjoying the sun and the sand and not having an agenda or a schedule.

Ella LOVED her vacation at the beach! She has been home with us for 2 1/2 years and anytime in the past that we have gone away....she has always had a lot of anxiety. Well, this time....she was soooo excited about going and loved every minute of being there and was a bit sad when it was time to leave for home. It was such a good feeling for Dave and I watch her enjoy herself so much and not be fearful and anxious about being away from home. It is as if she finally fully "gets it" that we WILL go back home and she will be coming with us! She is really such a free spirit these days and fills our days with sunshine!


Now, of course, it is too soon for Sophie to understand the concept of going away and coming back home, so as much as she liked playing in the sand....we had huge meltdowns every afternoon. One day she will enjoy vacations, too!





Chelsea's boyfriend, Joe, came along with us this year. He is a very nice guy....on the quiet side, so hopefully our not-so-quiet family didn't scare him too much. lol!



My sister, Sharon and her family were also with us. Here is Zachary and Hanna having fun with the girls digging holes and building sand castles.



Ella liked the ocean from a bit of a distance. As soon as a wave came close, she held on tightly! I thought this was a cute picture capturing her hesitancy!
So, you all know that I have a hard time narrowing down which pictures to I will do another post soon with some more pix. I hope you are all well and I am anxious to visit everyone to see what is new with you and your families!
Blessings to you!

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